The 12 Galactic-Cool Teams At The Garage48 SpaceTech 2016 Hackathon

It has been an exciting 24 hours so far here at the Garage48 SpaceTech 2016 hackathon in Tartu, Estonia. 24 hours more to go and more work is to be done. Today the 12 teams have received help from the business-design and marketing-business mentors, who are having a great time seeing the prototypes coming together and seeing the inspiring teams. One of the mentors Erika Ilves also give a small talk today on she went from tackling climate change to facing the 16 challenges human civilization is facing. The answer to these challenges - space. Erika now works on creating fuel stations in Earth's orbit and is urging more people to think outside of the Earth bubble.
The teams are now also developing solutions for SpaceTech with projects ranging from space gardening to space corrosion protection to making love in space possible!

Want to get to know the teams better? Check out these 12 projects in full detail: 

AIRSPLINT helps paramedics treat multiple trauma victims with broken limbs by fitting ultra thin inflatable splints in their medkits. #NaturalDisasterrelief #MultiCasualtyAccidents #MountainRescue #CombatCasualtyCare
Team members: Rait Arro - team lead, product manager; Mathilde Viry - engineer, product researcher; Arturs Neitals - industrial designer; Peep Uudeküll - engineer; Wajid Khilji - communication manager; Jevgeni Šulga - engineer; Artem Kobrin - business and legal adviser; Ingela Viks - industrial designer; Aleksandr Kostjukevits - business and legal

2. E-Sail Module
We are building a working prototype of a much more reliable kind of E-sail mechanism demonstrating on-command deployment of the tether wire.
Team members: Ayush Jain - mechanical, Shrey Kalra - team lead, Shreyash Patel - mechanical, Eduar Yesid Rodriguez Caro software interface, Kristaps Dreija - electronics, Roberts Trops - electronics

3. AppleTrips
Space gardening and related tourism - space flights for picking apples in space.
Team members: 
Kristina Õim - fontend; Gert Post - design, coding, botanics; Jürgen Laks - embedded code; Morten Sirtse - electronics; Rando Pikner - team lead, sales

4. Flodar
Flood radar for detecting risk and spread of floods.
Team members: Pekka Laurila - CFO at Iceye, Vladimir Ignatenko - engineer at Iceye, Alessandro Andreoni - engineer at Iceye, Siim Esko - market discovery, Jean-Philippe Dumont - marketing, Martin Raadik - pitch and marketing, Johannes Vallikivi - designer, Indrek Lasn - coding and design, Martin Mägar - coding and
team leading

5. Spaceprot Technologies
Ultimate protection against corrosion in space!
Team members: Maido Merisalu - selling or dreaming big; Kaspar Roosalu - researcher; Hannu Kikkas - coder; Kristjan Laht - coder; Helle-Mai Piirsoo - researcher; Karin Kõiv - marketing; Ingmar Laan - design

6. Love Space
1.) To make possible making love in space.
2.) To help to research and to discover the opportunities for human beings having children in spacial environment.
Team members: OSKARS OZERS - Leader, VITA GALISTEO KANJASA - Founder & Visionary, RONALDS SOVAS - Backend Developer, LĪGA LEGZDIŅA - Frontend Developer, RUDOLFS PETROVS - Product Developer,  ADHAM KIRA - Product Developer, KASPAR JõEVEER - Product Developer

7. MapCollapse
Discover cracks or potential collapse of buildings using satellite radar imaging technology
Team members: Peep - team lead, data processing; Vitalii - web app, product; Karl - web app; Toomas - web app; Artur - web app; Mihhail - data processing; Arno - data processing; Mikk: data processing; Karlis: research; Madis: research

8. Facemelt
Helps you to avoid the hot side of the car on your road trip
Team members: Kristaps Klēvers - Project lead, Designer, Pitcher; Karl Lubja - Developer; Christian Safka - Developer; Gatis Steinbergs - Developer; Andreas Vija - Developer

9. Camera System Casing for Nanosatellite
To generate an alternative design solution to existing design in order to improve the total mass and volume of the optical system
Team members: Mart Vihmand - Project management, scheduling, planning; Aris Klavins - Mechanical and optical design; Mardo Soo - Marketing; Kaspar Kaur - Graphical design to support the project for public demonstration

10. DarkMoon
Creating efficient exploration algorithm for looking water and other minerals on Moon with robots.
Team members: Reem Hesham - Team Lead, IoT Networking; Martin Kontus - Pitching, Algorithm Developer; Lars Sjödahl - Senior Software Developer; Marc Picornell - Concept Developer; Davis Zarins - Programmer; Karl Kruuse - Programmer

11. Cosmic Flavor Lab
Offering cosmic food experience to everyone. Experience the cosmic flavors!
Team members: Paul Liias - intergalactical team leader; Erik Kulu - space food enthusiast; Tiina Pärtel - designer from another galaxy; Kaspar Jõeveer - space food critic; Martin Meisalu - space food chef

12. FixPlate
FlexPlate is a plate that stays stable in the Air even is the ground is moving. FixPate is specially created for use on Yachts and Boats
Team members: Johannes Tamegger - Team Leader, Daniel Raljov - Engineer, Mihkel Güsson - Designer, Karl Aleksander Kongas - Developer

Watch these projects being showcased, tomorrow, on the 29th of May at 5:30 (GMT+2) via the LIVE stream here on the Garage48 website or via Postimees or Delfi.

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