TOP 10 Reasons Why SpaceTech Is Cool

The 2 most exciting hackathons this year will no doubt be the Garage48 SpaceTech 2016 hackathon (May 27-29) and the pre-event ActInSpace Estonia (May 20-21), which will be hosted by Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol at the Mektory Space Centre. Why space? Space is more than just a mysterious far-away universe, it is a part of us every day.  We rely on space and its technologies without ever thinking about it. 
Besides, did you know that space is only 100km above the Earth? So if you could drive your car upwards, you could be in space in less than an hour. There is of course so much else to know about our amazing space and why entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are exploring space tourism! 

At Garage48 SpaceTech 2016 and ActInSpace hackathons the teams will be building prototypes of space software and hardware technologies. To get the participants all warmed up, we first listed the TOP 10 reasons why SpaceTech is so cool and relevant to our lives:

1.         Big asteroid is going to hit us eventually, because thats what they do - how can we outsmart asteroids?

Photograph: Andrzej Puchta/Alamy

2.         Satellite-TV and partly the Internet depends on telecom satellites

SATCOM Training

3.         Military intelligence depends on spy satellites

Cosmo SkyMed

4.         Weather forecasting depends on weather satellites

Infrared satellite image of North America from NOAA's GOES satellites on May 24, 2013. Credit:

5.         Knowing the location depends on navigation satellites

6.         Planetary defence against asteroids and comets

Credit: ESA - P.Carril

7.         Atmosphere blocks gamma, X-ray, UV, most of infrared and long-wave radio

8.         In the futuure there will be commercial space tourism, synergy with other planets

Copyright: Scott Bedford

9.         To effectively monitor our earthly environment

10.   SpaceTech is loved by loads of smart people

Want to join the space revolution? Register for Garage48 SpaceTech 2016 hackathon on May 27-29, 2016 in Tartu at
Join also the pre-event ActInSpace Estonia hackathon here:

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