Digital Construction 2022

When 23-25 September

Where Estonian Academy of Arts

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  • Get ready to take the construction industry to the next level digitally! 🏗


    Digital Construction 2022 will take place for the fourth time on 23-25 September to create a prototyping platform for the digitalization of the construction industry.

    This year and for the first time the event is not built up on specific challenges but we're welcoming all cool ideas that help to digitize the construction industry. In 2022, the sky's the limit!

    Nevertheless, to keep you a bit on track, we've developed topic areas that give you an insight into what is most relevant and needed in the industry and where it's heading in the near future, so you'd come up with solutions that have a real potential output for the market. Check out the topic areas section to get further insight and get inspired!

    Digital Construction 2022 is organized by Garage48 and Remato in cooperation with the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster. The event is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Estonian Woodhouse Association, Bauhub, and Werk.

    Garage48 Digital Construction 2022 hackathon is a pre-event for the World of Digital Built Environment 2022 happening on September 28 - 29.


    We welcome architects and developers, BIM specialists, contractors, engineers, building materials producers, software engineers, UI/UX designers, data scientists, business visionaries, students, young professionals, marketers, and everyone else interested in digitizing the construction industry. Every skill and background is valuable!


    Garage48 hackathon is an intense, hands-on experience with expert mentoring, checkpoints, demo drills, and teamwork where you can implement your creativity and resourcefulness to the full extent. Don't miss the opportunity to build working prototypes in just 48 hours and be the change makers of the digital construction industry.


    Digital Construction 2022 is a fully on-site event, taking place in Tallinn, at The Estonian Academy of Arts on 23-25 September.



    You can register as an individual or a team, with or without an idea! Team formation will take place onsite at the beginning of the hackathon after all idea owners have pitched their potential solutions to the others.


    The best solutions will be awarded sweet prizes that help the teams to develop their prototypes further and get them ready to enter the market.

    🏗 Post-hackathon mentorship

    🏗 Tickets to WDBE 2022

    🏗 Tickets to sTARTUp Day 2023

    🏗 Tickets to Latitude59 2023

    🏗 A pass to the Prototron fall program

    The prize pool is growing, stay tuned for updates!


    3 August - registration and idea submission open:

    19 September - registration and ideas submission deadline.

    23 - 25 September - Garage48 Digital Construction 2022.


    🏗 Circular economy of buildings
    🏗 Deep energy renovation digital solutions
    🏗 Health and safety
    🏗 Supply chains
    🏗 Design and design management
    🏗 ... and we're welcoming all other ideas that don't fall under any of the above

    Read more about each topic area in the "topic areas" tab. 


    More information about the event, mentors, additional challenges and prizes, and other important updates will be added on an ongoing basis - make sure to stay up to date!

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    Friday, September 23rd

    17:30 - Check-in and snacks

    18:00 - Opening, welcoming words

    18:30 - Pitching ideas in 90 seconds

    19:30 - Team formation

    20:30 - Teamwork begins

    Saturday, September 24th

    10:00 - Checkpoint #1

    11:00 - Mentoring starts

    13:00 - Lunch

    14.00 - Pitch drill ABC

    18:00 - Checkpoint #2

    19:00 - Dinner  

    20:00 - Teamwork continues

    Sunday, September 25th

    10:00 - Checkpoint #3

    11:00 - Pitch drill session #1

    13:00 - Lunch

    14:00 - Pitch drill session #2

    17:30 - The finals

    19:00 - The jury deliberates

    19:30 - Award ceremony

    NB! The schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.

    There's a lot that can be done in the field of digital construction. To help guide your idea formation, we've set some topic areas. We encourage you to use the existing e-construction platform API services or think about how their prototype/service could add value to the platform. However, if your idea doesn't fall under any of the categories below, you're welcome to submit it anyway. As we said, the sky's the limit! 

    Circular economy of buildings

    Accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral built environment by exploring opportunities in the circular economy and with the life cycle of buildings. Come and solve circular economy problems with data-driven solutions in terms of:

    • maintenance;

    • materials and products of waste and disposal;

    • land-use logistics;

    • societal or economical benefits of life cycle thinking; 

    • environment;

    • carbon footprint assessment;

    • any other climate action opportunities utilizing building datasets.

    Deep energy renovation digital solutions

    Find solutions to high energy consumption levels, insufficient ventilation, uneven indoor temperatures, and insufficient thermal comfort levels:

    • scan to BIM processes and workflows;

    • BIM construction elements catalog;  

    • automated design for manufacture;  

    • energy and sustainable modeling workflows;

    • all other solutions to boost up offsite-prefabricated renovation technology.

    Health and safety

    Find solutions to raise the standards in construction health and safety:

    • Safety instructions

    • Training and manuals

    • Incident reporting and documentation

    • Tools and equipment maintenance

    • Personal protective equipment

    Supply chains

    Find solutions for construction supply chain and communication inefficiencies related to many different parties in the segment:

    • Clients and main contractors

    • Main contractors and subcontractors

    • Contractors and material suppliers

    • Architects and engineers

    Design and design management

    Support clients, design teams and design managers to plan and develop better new or existing infrastructure and building projects for maximizing client and end-user value proposition, and achieving ambitious European Green Deal goals. 

    • Value creation and management

    • Integrated and collaborative design project delivery

    • Remote design process management

    • Communication and information management

    Spatial planning and building

    Bring efficiency and transparency into the spatial planning field. For example:

    • Text segmentation from explanatory letters (spatial planning and construction projects). Possible topics are conditions, recommendations, and explanations. How to find and digitize different conditions from a text document and how to use them in the building permit process?

    • 3D visualization of spatial planning. How to visualize spatial planning conditions and how to use them in building permit procedures?

    • Involvement tool for interest groups. How to easily communicate and involve different interest groups and how to manage feedback?


    1. Low productivity and profitability;
    2. Low digitalization levels within smaller construction companies;
    3. Very little digital collaboration;
    4. Moderate implementation of modern technologies;
    5. Poor document and information management over the whole lifecycle of the building;
    6. Information exchange between building material producers and the other parties in the industry is not done automatically;
    7. Life cycle assessment and CO2 footprint for buildings are time-consuming to calculate due to insufficient data quality;
    8. Digitalisation and implementation of BIM.

    The Mentors 

    Madis Lehtmets
    Co-founder and CEO at Remato
    Ergo Pikas
    Digital construction professor at the Tallinn University of Technology
    Jaan Saar
    Head of Digital Construction at Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
    Siim Puskar
    E-construction platform architect at Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
    Uku Pattak
    Designer, Developer and Product Manager at Remato
    Henri Trees
    Co-founder of Bauhub
    Helen Kokk
    Design Product Lead
    Triin Preem
    Startup Segment Manager at Swedank Eestis
    Mario Käära
    Product Manager at VITS
    Martin Verrev
    Creative Engineer at Littlebit and lecturer at TalTech
    Triin Lepand
    Head of Spatial Planning Department at Skepast&Puhkim
    Tarmo Saidla
    CEO at
    Ege Netse
    Head of Digital Spatial Planning at Ministry of Finance
    Martin Melioranski
    Chartered Architect and Director of 3DL at Estonian Academy of Arts
    Kaisa Hansen
    Startup Centre Manager at Taltech | Founder | ESG, Circular Economy & Sustainability expert
    Annika Kadaja
    Project manager at Estonian Woodhouse Association


    Jana Saastamoinen
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Madis Lehtmets
    Co-founder and CEO at Remato
    Annika Kadaja
    Project manager at Estonian Woodhouse Association
    Jaan Saar
    Head of Digital Construction at Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

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