Empowering the Startup Community Hackathon

Where Lusaka, Zambia

  • Overview
  • BongoHive, in partnership with ESTDEV, Garage48 and GIZ Make-IT in Africa, is hosting the second edition of the Empowering the Startup Community Hackathon in Lusaka, Zambia, on the 14-17th of November.

    The first event of the Empowering Startup Community Southern Africa series took place in Swakopmund, Namibia, in November 2021. The workshop focused on understanding the lifecycle of the startups in the region, the problems that the startups stumble on, and the topics where the startup ecosystem support organizations (ESOs) struggle. The workshop ended with discussions between the startup ecosystem support organizations on the solutions that would benefit the ESOs at a regional level.

    This time, the focus will be on developing the solutions further and developing the ideas into working prototypes. The goal is to create solutions that could contribute to additional synergy and ecosystem-driven cross-border collaboration between the ESOs in Southern Africa.
    The key solutions that the Empowering the Startup Community Hackathon is looking forward to tackling are the following:

    👉Creating value through regional integration and collaboration

    - Fostering national and regional policy dialogues where ESO’s discuss policy framework hindering the innovation ecosystems in their respective countries and SADC. (i.e. round table, panel discussions) with relevant stakeholders.
    - Vetting mechanisms to ensure that across the region, the same quality standards are applied by hubs for their activities, i.e. standardized regional evaluation framework for impact assessment, ensuring standards regarding LNOB
    - Developing a toolkit of methods and instruments as the basis for harmonizing digital innovation support in the region.

    👉 A digital platform to unite the innovation hubs in Southern Africa to promote and stimulate knowledge sharing, capacity-building, exposure, and cross-border collaboration.

    While these ideas came out of the first workshop, all the new creative solutions are also welcomed.

    Additional reasons to join the Empowering Startup Community Hackathon:

    - supercool networking opportunities- you will meet different organizations/programs and companies who play a vital role in developing the local and regional startup/entrepreneurial ecosystems.
    - understanding your position as an organization in the startup ecosystem support network and understanding what synergies you have with other organizations
    - shape the future of the more connected startup ecosystem in Southern Africa

    ESTDEV, Garage48 and GIZ Make-IT in Africa have already handpicked the 20 most active leaders among the startup ecosystem support organizations in Southern Africa, but you are welcome to apply via e-mail by sending us your motivation letter and letting us know

    - Your name and the organization you represent
    - Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for the workshop
    - What additional value will your attendance bring to the workshop

    Please send your motivational letter to mari@garage48.org by 01/11/2022, and we will get back to you shortly.


    Gerold Dreyer
    Junior Technical Advisor at Startup Namibia