EU: Africa the Journey

When 9-12 December 2021

Where Online

  • Overview
  • Agenda
  • Join us at the second edition of the #euafricathejourney, a mission to mobilize African and European communities to create innovative solutions to socio-economic problems in a united front. 🌍

    We aim to engage 3000 passionate tech-savvy and socially conscious problem solvers, 100 mentors, 50 speakers and 500 community organizations across Africa and Europe.

    On the weekend of December 9-12, we’re hosting a hackathon AND a conference:

    ✔ Fully online & free of charge

    ✔ Bringing together the brightest minds across Africa and Europe

    ✔ Empowering participants to bring their ideas to life with expert mentors

    ✔ Shedding light to and solving 11 of the most pressing socio-economic issues

    💸 The prize fund for the 72h hackathon is up to 100 000€!

    In addition, the TOP20 teams will be invited to the acceleration program to support the teams further, giving a whole new dimension to the African-European collaboration.

    👉 Register to the hackathon by December 8:

    Both the hackathon and conference will be covering the following topic areas:

    ⎮ Education ⎮ Food security ⎮ Job Security ⎮ Vulnerable Populations ⎮ Health & Wellness ⎮ Financial Services ⎮ Big Data ⎮ Cyber Security ⎮ Digital Economy ⎮ e-Governance⎮ Smart Cities ⎮

    👁 The conference will be broadcast live on Facebook and doesn’t require separate registration. 

    If you want to stay up-to-date on all the news and updates, join the EU: Africa the Journey events on Facebook and LinkedIn
    PS! All times are Johannesburg, South Africa time


    December 9 | Thursday

    18:00   Opening: words by the spokespeople of the #euafricathejourney

    19:30   Checkpoint #1. Lead mentors check the teams for their plans for the hackathon. Understanding what problems the teams are solving.

    21:00   Teams keep working


    December 10 | Friday

    9:00   Checkpoint #2. Lead mentors check the teams for their progress. Understanding the validation of ideas

    11:00   Mentors help teams | Teams keep working

    16:00  Pitch training for participants and teams. How to prepare your demo

    17:00  Checkpoint #3. Lead mentors check teams for the plans for the night

    18:30  Teams keep working


    December 11 | Saturday

    9:00    Checkpoint #4. Lead mentors check teams for what's still missing. What help do they need

    11:30   Mentors help teams | Teams keep working

    17:00  Checkpoint #5. Lead mentors give some feedback on the teams' demos

    19:00  Teams keep working


    December 12 | Sunday

    10:00   Deadline to upload the final video

    13:00   Jury chooses the TOP20 teams that will enter the final competition

    15:00   Final Show with TOP teams

    17:30   Jury makes the final decision

    19:00   Final award and closing ceremony


    Kadri Tiisvelt
    COO│ Project Manager at Garage48
    Anna Tórz
    Senior Project Manager 
    Yusuf Mutamba
    Project Coordinator /Partnerships and Community, Africa
    Jana Saastamoinen
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Maris Hellrand
    Head of Communications