Garage48 Mentor's Masterclass Vol 4


When 30 September

Where ArtCor, Chișinău

  • Overview
  • Agenda
  • Hand-in-hand with the Empowering Youth hackathon Garage48 and YEP! Moldova are bringing back the Mentors Masterclass programme.


    We are looking for bright-eyed mentors-to-be who want to give back to the community and help a new generation of startups to grow. Learn how to be a great mentor, improve your abilities in working with your own team and grow your competencies in sharing knowledge and expertise.


    We are looking for:


    👉Entrepreneurs and startup founders


    👉Trainers, coaches and consultants

    👉Marketing and business experts


    👉And everyone who has startup related expertise and who wants to share it with the newer generation.


    Join us for a day-long training on the 30th of September that will give you the basics on how to be an effective mentor to an early-stage startup team in addition to learning other ways to be a better leader.


    During the masterclass, we will be focused on the soft skills and basic knowledge of effective mentorship.

    We will cover topics like:

    ✨Team Dynamics and team building

    ✨How to give and ask for feedback

    ✨The role of mentors

    ✨Active listening

    ✨Case studies of several tools that can help early-stage startups

     ✨Validation of ideas workshop


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    Mentors Masterclass #EmpoweringYouth is organised by Garage48 and YEP! Moldova with the financial support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid. 

    9:00 Introduction
    9:10 Expectations
    9:20 What is the role of a mentor
    9:30 Active listening
    9:40 How to ask good questions
    9:50 Exercise for Active listening and Asking Questions
    10:10 Team dynamics and team building
    10:20 Break
    10:30 Validation of early-stage startups
    Design Thinking
    Lean + Agile
    Business Model Canvas
    Mum test + Value prop
    11:15 Exercise
    11:45 Break
    12:00 How to give good feedback
    12:15 Exercise BMC feedback session exercise
    12:35 Q&A / Yep Moldova presentation/opportunities to get involved
    12:50 Feedback - reflection on the day
    13:00 Closing


    The Mentors 

    Mayri Tiido
    Educator and Trainer, Circular Economy Expert


    Siim Eesalu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Viorica Cerbusca
    Executive Director at Artcor