Garage48 Hackathon Oman

When 7-9 November, 2019

Where Muscat, Oman

  • Overview
  • Agenda
  • Garage48 is back in Oman to help organize another edition of SAS48!

    For the 5th time now, we're back in Muscat, Oman, for an exceptional 48hours of hard work and prototype building. 

    What is Sas48ᵸ?

    • It is a Garage48 48 hours long hackathon
    • Targets 100 participants with different backgrounds – developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and project managers.
    • Focuses mainly on Industry 4.0
    • Encourages entrepreneurship culture and education.
    • Participants can come up with an idea in mobile app or web development field.
    • Teams start working for 48 hours up until pitching time. During working time there will be mentors to support participants in business and technical areas.
    • Winners will be announced on the last day upon the Jury Panel decision.

    Sas48ᵸ Objectives

    • Nurture the culture of entrepreneurship.
    • Build public awareness and create opportunities based on available capabilities.
    • Encourage champions to think creatively and establish new businesses.
    • Focus on developing startup companies in the most demanded sectors – nowadays - mobile apps.
    • Headhunt potentials to join Sas Programme.
    • Promote the implementation of working culture VS theories.

    Who is eligible to join Sas48ᵸ

    Last year college students, job seekers, marketing gurus, creative business minds and anyone interested in mobile apps and web development.

    Nov / 2019

    Time / Task

    Thursday 7

    15:00 Doors open check-in, networking, coffee, snacks, Prayer

    16:00 Opening remarks from ITA

    16:15 Pitching ideas for 90 sec

    17:30 Coffee– Snacks / Prayer Break

    18:00 Pitching ideas continues

    20:00 Team work begins

    Friday 8

    08:00 Breakfast – Development continues

    09:00 Checkpoint #1

    10:00 Mentors go around

    12:00 Lunch / Prayer Break

    13:00 Product development

    15:15 Prayer Break

    15:30 Motivational speech

    16:00 Product development

    17:30 Prayer Break

    17:45 Product Development

    19:00 Dinner Break

    20:00 Checkpoint #2 – Development continues

    Saturday 9

    08:00 Breakfast – Development continues

    09:00 Checkpoint #3

    10:00 Product Development

    11:15 Start preparing product demo

    12:00 Lunch / Prayer Break

    13:00 Demo practice with mentors/jury (10 min per team)

    14:30 Demo practice continues

    16:00 Coffee / Prayer Break

    17:00 Final event – demo of finished products/services

    18:30 Prayer Break

    19:00 Announcing winners

    20:00 Wrap up & Networking

    The Mentors 

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Jordan Valdma
    Co-founder at Producement