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  • Student Startup Camp is a practical course to entrepreneurship designed to provide participants with the right mindset, tools and confidence needed in order to see, assess and shape opportunities of launching new technology related businesses.

    This program features several experienced and established entrepreneurs from Estonia and abroad who collaborate to create a intensive hands-on weeklong learning experience.

    The structure of the course favours teamwork, practical experience and one-on-one mentoring, aiming for all shared know-how to be applicable directly to projects being worked on to ingrain new knowledge.

    It's aimed at

    During the course participants will be able to

    Any questions? email moldova@garage48.org

    NB: Schedule is tentative and might be a subject of change

    Any questions? email moldova@garage48.org

    Monday 10.11
     From idea to the first mock-up
    10:00 How things will work
    10:45 Lecture: Minimum Viable Product
    11:30 Pitching 90", team formation
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 Lecture : Building team's road-map
    14:45 Lecture: Quick prototyping intro
    15:00 Team work on product mock-up's
    18:00 Team work / free time
    Tuesday 11.11Searching for the problem-solution fit
    9:15 Mock-up demo presentations
    10:00 Lecture: Customer discovery
    10:45 Lecture: Rapid prototyping
    11:30 Lecture: How to build great UX/UI
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 Customer discovery interviews / Product development
    16:00 Customer discovery feedback session
    17:00 Mentoring round / Product development
    Wednesday 12.11 Marketing for a startup
    9:15 Checkpoint with mentors
    10:00 Lecture: Engaging early adopters
    10:45 Lecture: Marketing and social media
    12:00 Product development
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 Product development
    16:00 Business & Tech mentoring round / Product development
    18:00 Inspirational speech #1
    18:30 Product development
    Thursday 13.11Building business models
    9:15 Checkpoint with mentors
    10:00 Lecture: Business models
    11:15 Development / Work with Lean Canvas
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 Development / Work with Lean Canvas
    15:00 Business & Tech mentoring round / Product development
    17:00 Lecture: how to prepare a great pitch
    17:30 Product development/ Preparation of final pitch
    Friday 14.11Shaping the pitch & demo day
    9:15 Checkpoint with mentors
    10:00 Pitch drill #1 / Product development
    12:00 Pitch drill #2 / Product development
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 Last minute fixes/ preparing pitch
    16:00 Final Demo



    Martin Grüner

    Co-founder at Aplefly Games

    Linkedin Facebook

    Jaan Kruusma

    Chief, Social Media Marketing @7Blaze

    Linkedin Facebook

    Helen Kokk

    UX & Service Design Lead at Nortal

    Linkedin Facebook

    Krists Avots

    Director of Business Development @ Lattelecom


    Maret Kruve

    Product manager @ Pipedrive, Co-founder @ Student Startup Camp 

    Linkedin Facebook

    Petru Jucovschi

    Technology & Partner Business Evangelist @Microsoft

    Linkedin Facebook

    Tatiana Ciumacova

    IT Project Manager at Starlab

    Linkedin Facebook

    Oleg Burlacu

    Business Developer at Starlab



    Krists Avosts

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