Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 - Live Feed

The Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 is kicking off really soon at the University of Tartu Physicum. We will be nurturing your curiosity about the most loved Garage48 hackathon via life feed - for all hardware & creative industries enthusiasts, startups, Garage48 fans and our friends/families following the event from home. Expect exclusive photos on the scene and behind the scenes, spicy comments from the participants during the event and all social media likes and love. Scroll down if you dare!

MONDAY 20.02.

Our winner CBMS and best software special award winner sat down together with Terevisioon to talk about the hackathon and their projects. Re-watch it here:

SUNDAY, 19.02.

See you next year!
Have a safe trip home, guys!


The jury has decided! And it's been pouring prizes!
Favourite of the Audience - 
dedicated desk at sTARTUp HUB for 2 months: OwlBowl
Best Marketing Prize: Streamo
Special Prize for Best Software:
SPARK Makerlab Prize -
use of their facilities: Flighting & SpiderWeave
Mass Portal Special Prize: SensoDoor
Lift99 Special Prize -
a dedicated desk for 2 months: SpiderWeave
Best Design Award: aFloat
Best Technology Award: re-loop
by the crazy Latvians
Runner-up: False Radar

Pitches are done! Jury will head on to deliberate and choose the winners. See you back soon!

A disco bowl?

If the prototype doesnt look quite what it should, just name it the "winter camoflage version". 

15 prototypes have by now seen the shine of our stage. And we have seen a dog, vegan sausages, lettuce disguised as marihuana, a push-ups standoff and bath ducks as crucial parts of demos, among all else. 

Meet our honorable jury.
From left: Veljo Raide (Estonian National Defence College), Alvo Aabloo (University of Tartu), Hardi Volmer and Toomas Tammis (Estonian Academy of Arts).

Crazy Latvians  - we love you! :)

No time like the now to still let your grandma or pet know you'll be on the stage!

Expect to look like this after a hackathon.

Art keeps meeting hardware.

It ain't easy to handle all the attention concentrated to the stage, but they're handling it like superstars! #proudmama

Definitely a way to warm up all the animal lovers!

In case you can not watch the live stream, you can see the live stream of the pitches on our Twitter - Garage48.

The pitching has now started. Good luck to all the amazing teams!

Keep the demo in harmony.

Final preparations, guys?

This gorgeous cutiepie is already waiting in the pitching line. Can't wait for the demos to start!

IT BEGINS! The grand final is on!

Half an hour to go until the final pitching starts! Physicum is like a buzzing beehouse where final touches to the prototypes and pitches are being made.

Fans are gathering for the evening final. Welcome to Garage48, Startup Estonia!

Meet team Streamo over their blog article.

Streamo - from crazy Latvian idea to well-designed working prototype

Arsenijs  - A Latvian electronics fan - came to Garage48 hardware & Arts 2017 with a crazy idea - what if you could stream your life 24/7 AND not be attached to your computer. Within hours the odd thought has been turned into reality. Arsenijs and his team created Streamo - a wearable lifestreaming camera.

Here’s the problem Streamo wants to solve - people are social animals. We want to share more and more about our lives, but at some point current technology is holding us back. Streamo removes the barriers - stream as long as you want, go anywhere you want and you don’t need to hold anything in your hand.

Streamo Estonian-Latvian team has 3 tech guys, 3 marketers and 2  designers and they are eager to take this idea into production. They  already have working technical prototype, that is being streamlined  and made better on Sunday. The designers have created bright and  clean product casing that will appeal to the young outgoing people  craving for attention. Their website is already  working, so is the Facebook page  (

 Streamo is already talking to their target customers -  vloggers,  youtubbers, streamers - essentially  everyone wanting to share  their life with friends and  followers. The feedback has been  positive and they  have given good insights how they can make it  even  better.

 Streamo Facebook page aready has over 1600 fans, so  it is quickly  getting market attention.

 The team is already thinking about version 2 of the product, which  will  have magnetic connector, so you can remove it from your  clothing, film yourself and then put it back.

That arts hackathon! Sneak peak into what's coming in the evening as Pitch Drill #2 continues with protoype demos.

Only 3 hours left until we start the show! Don't forget that the final starts at 18.00 and you can watch it via video stream on Postimees:
or Garage48 homepage: @ the VIDEO tab.

The Favourite of the Audience competition is ON! Hit the like for your favourite team and get them to the win!

Teams have strengthened their strengths over lunch and now we start the second round of pitch drill.

When a marketeer, you need to milk all chances you get. 

Team OwlBowl is stretching their marketing wings. Nice work guys, keep flying! Read about their idea here:

We keep drilling.

Pictures of yesterday, Day 2, are available for your curious gaze: 

If in general to describe the food conditions at the hackathon, then this pic quite does it.

Pitch drill #1 GO!
All teams will now take the stage to practice their pitches for the evening with the help of our mentors. Be tough, take the criticism and polish that pitch.

Oh, look, it's Liis Lemsalu at Garage48.

Good morning, people! The 3rd day, DEMODAY is here!
We've provided the participants with a hearty breakfast to keep their strenght, and will go through Checkpoint #3 to see the team's progress since yesterday and approve them to continue.

SATURDAY, 18.02.

To let some steam out, the participants have now hot sauna waiting for them. And after that the resentless building continues. For some, throughout the night. We'll see.

Pitching drills list for tomorrow. The old school way.

All the teams loud and proud, described in our blog:


How about a bit of Valmiermuiža?

One very important reason why you should want to attend a Garage48 hackathon is the massive amount of new contacts you can gain from this experience if you only want to. A special networking evening couldn't also hurt, right?

A tip for a great demo pitch - present your first customers.

If you need your bath ducks, then take your bath ducks to the hackathon. We don't mind, we love it! 

Checkpoint #2. Show up, report your current development status and get approved to continue building.

Keep that business going.

It's time for pitch drill introduction. We support our participants all the way and will have two pitching drills for every team on Sunday and give guidelines on how the pitch should sound like today. 

Guys keep building. 25 hours remaining until the final pitches and prototype demos. 

And don't forget to enjoy the moment! ;)

A treat for everybody! The Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 Panel Discussion.
We are listening to people working in hardware & art fields on a daily experience share their experiences and advice to the participants.

Work is in progress. Marketeers are hitting the social media.

Yes.. Saturday afternoon is about time to start moving those "sleep" post-its out of the schedule. #nopainnogain

Welcome, our kickass mentors who put their brains and hands to work on a Saturday to help the teams tackle their obstacles and make it to presenting a prototype tomorrow evening.
Thank you, mentors! You rock and the teams rock thanks to you!

The numbers are here.
We have  a record breaking 175 PARTICIPANTS! And trust us when we say you can feel it in the air here in Physicum - genius waves are moving around non-stop!

The working continues and continues. Get grumpy, get over it and get back on it :)).

We definitely see the potential, Peat.
Just give us that horse and we'll saddle up!

What's cooking here?

Checkpoints are followed by mentor rounds. The round of our mentors, this time additionally to Estonia from such exotic countries as Taiwan, Poland, Latvia, has gathered to go see the teams and offer their expert advice.

And this is a classical Tweet of a hackathon participant :)). 

Enjoy photos of Day 1!

Read about all the 36 ideas pitched yesterday and the full list of the ideas that are currently under busy construction by our awesome teams from our blog:

Good morning from Physicum! We've kicked off the official part of the Saturday with Checkpoint #1.
During today all teams must report their developments during two checkpoints so that the mentors know that the prototypes are heading in the direction of being built by Sunday evening. 

FRIDAY, 17.02.

Time to go build your products! See you tomorrow morning!

To help the building, one of our sponsors - Mass Portal - has brought 6 3D printers on the site here at Physicum. So awesome, Mass Portal, thank you!


The teams approval has resulted in a record braking 21 teams formed to be building first prototypes during the weekend: 
Perfect MeatDeep Shit 2017Re-Loop,  aFloatNew Click & GrowSpider Weave, Feed Your Dog Food, Sush! Be A NINJA, Automated Checklist, Smart Bowl, GPS Art Planner, No Drone Zone, Posture Tracker, Requem Caelum, False Radar, SensoDoor, Battery Monitor, Vegetation Camera, LifeStream, Tilog.

What lyes behind these fascinating names will be revealed tomorrow!

Show you have your team and get "Approved!" to start building.

"Everybody, sit together with your team, take your paper and thank god you found a team!" - Priit Salumaa pitches as the team validation begins.

We took a part of our hub with us to Tartu :).

Team formation on the go. Find your teammates, or the idea is killed by the mentors. 

What happens now is TEAM FORMATION.
Every idea holder will try to get together a team to build the idea. To be approved, the team must have at least one person from each needed role such as an electrical engineer or a marketeer. Good luck!


36th idea has concluded the idea pitches this year. The creative minds gathered here have meanwhile added ideas such as an application to report the condition of company assets, a special phone for children that is connected to the mom's phone and a wrist band that lets you know when your pet or child last ate.

Challenge accepted! Let's keep it going, Chisinau!


We've reached 30 ideas!  And it has come to the time where people step on the stage with ideas formed 3 minutes before the actual pitch. Just simply awesome to see ideas fly in the room and make it to the stage. Ideas such as a robot babysitter, automated check-list or a sensored bag for not forgetting things at home or home dentist.

"From my team I am missing a designer". Yes, we agree :).

The pitching continues with ideas to make objects with the weight of 1kg float in the air, how to do in-house gardening without any gardening experience or cook the perfect meat with a device keeping the water temperature fixed.


We can assure you that it will definitely be a thrilling weekend!
Great to have you participating :).

As we have a record amount of participants on board, we now, after 24 ideas presented, move on to a snacks & drinks & networking break.

New ideas that have added the tremendous list are such as an app tracking the amount of fruits in your bowl for refilling purposes, a 3D printer printing yarn, a new kind of game somewhere in the middle of bowling and boomerang, a false radar signature, device that helps you get the control over how you spend your personal time, a remote control attached to your fingers, smart fishing app, drink analyzer to make you a barman, a device for streaming your life 24/7 on social media (yes - by the crazy Latvians), gas checking device, and a computer that will answer absolutely any question asked (Latvians striked again).

"Can I ask you why this idea?" - "Because it's Latvia!"
Crazy Latvians are on board!

Make sure to get comfortable for your pitch.

How about a 3D printed structural fabric?

As we head on with the pitches, we've now seen ideas on how to improve posture, shoot down drones, signal oxygen level in a room, measure vegetation index, keep children or pets from getting stuck and injured between a door or how to break the statistics of divorces by helping couples talk to each other.

Pitching is now in full gear with already a big variety of ideas being pitched like a device for helping plants grow via music or a device to send voiceless notifications to soldiers on the battlefield and make them ninjas. And first very initial protoypes have made it to the stage. Keep the good ideas coming, guys!

Additionally to our loyal always attending Latvians this time we have participants from Lithuania, Ukraine, Canada, Denmark, Taiwan, Pakistan, Poland, Norway, Czech Republic and England. WOW and welcome all you fabulous people!

With a full house of nearly 200 participants our very own Priit Salumaa is here to lead the forces and help the teams throughout the event to build their ideas.

Hello from the communication team in charge of bringing the live feed and social media coverage to you - Triin & Kadri. We will be seeing you a lot this weekend ;).

Every Garage48 hackathon in Estonia always welcomes many participants from Latvia, this time it's no different.
The bus from Riga has arrived and we can't wait to see your crazy ideas :)


The stage is ready for all the brilliantness of the 4th Garage48 Hardware & Arts hackathon to hit it soon.  #tensionrising

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