The Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 Hackathon Is Bigger And Latvian As Ever

The 4th Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 hackathon is taking place traditionally at the venue of University of Tartu Institute of Physics. There are over 180 participants present from various countries, such as Pakistan, Poland, India, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Czech Republic, England and of course, Latvia and Lithuania! We value our dear neighbours very much, though the ideas of our "Crazy Latvians" are more sophisticated, we still have got the fun-factor teams that always deliver quality with humour.      

Garage48 is mostly about learning and getting shit done. But we also enjoy brining together the spirits of our various professionals and minds, such as electronics, mechatronics and software engineers, UI/UX and product designers, marketers and science researchers. This sense of brain-power in the Physicum is highly valuable and today's ever-changing world needs to have products that both are great in design and in their technical execution. 

There were 36 pitched ideas, out of which 21 got into team formation. Check out the teams that are now developing their working prototypes for the next 48 hours and hear also the ideas that didn't get a team behind, this time at least.

1.         Perfect Meat - A device for heating water to a certain heat and keeping it at the best temperature for cooking meat.
2.         Deep shit 2017 -  a computer that can answer any question asked with the perception of today’s society.
3.         Re-loop - (kinetic audiovisual installation) circular sequencer that you can set manually and create interesting sound and visuals. It’s an art installation for fun and for learning.
4.         aFLOAT -  A device that notifies you through a smartphone app when the fish has caught the bait. 
5.         New Click and Grow -  Automated in-house growing device to grow plants without any gardening experience. 
6.         SpiderWeave -  3D printing with yarn.
7.         Feed Your Dog Food -  A wrist band that gives you information when the dog last ate.
8.         Keep Quiet and Be a Ninja - Device that will help send commands or orders to soldiers without using voice but some other ways of notifications, eg vibration.
9.         Automated Checklist  -  Magnetic sense based system that will work as a checklist to check which items have already been packed for travelling somewhere (problem solving for musicians going to gigs, photographers to take all their gear with them etc).

10.   Smart Bowl -  A scale that communicates with the smartphone and orders new fruits if the fruit bowl starts getting empty.
11.   GPS Art Planner - Put any picture on a map and create a GPS track out of it.
12.   No Drone Zone -  A device for shooting down drones with the importance on locating the drone.

13.   Posture Tracker - Device that tracks your posture (when doing much sitting work) and makes you correct it (let’s say turns off the monitor of the computer).
14.   Requiem Caelum - a commercial levitating device that enables you to fly things. 

15.   Tilog - Time logging system with a wrist band connected with a mobile application and calendar for planning your time.
16.   False Radar -  A false radar signature that imitates a radar signal with the purpose to save more lives.
17.   SensoDoor -  Detects children or pets between the door and stops the door from closing.
18.   Battery Monitor -  Monitors the batteries of military devices held in reserves so that we would know which batteries will need to be recharged or replaced, and sends the information to a central system.
19.   Vegetation Camera -  A camera that is able to measure the NDVI – normalized difference vegetation index.
20.   Life Stream -  Device that streams your whole life to some social media channel (Facebook, Twitter), with sound.
21.   Gas Check -  A sensor that reads if your some sort of gas tank has been left open (and the gas is flowing out). 

And the rest of the presented ideas:

MOJI - Send emoticons on a unisex clothing that reacts physically (let’s say hugs you).
Hot Emotion Box - Box which classifies people to hot and cool. 
VOX Plantae - Device that helps plants grow faster, using music and the waves of sound. Both for home and industrial use.
OH TWO - Device that signals the oxygen level in the room or that lets the fresh air in the room – basically helping people breathe fresh air.
Keep your marriage - A device that helps couples to communicate by sending notifications (vibrations) for one person to shut up when the other one is talking. Let’s break the statistics of divorces!

I have a game - A game between bowling and boomerang.
Touch Clutch - A smart remote control in your fingers.
Drink analyzer - 
An app that analyses what kind of coctails can you make with the alcohol you have.
Car info - Camera mount for a phone that would video record information which you can sell for driving data for self-drivable cars. 
Good vibes - Vibrator for musical instruments to improve the sound.
Home dentist - An application for taking pictures from your mouth, send to the doctor for the doctor to be able to give feedback. 
Smart bag - Sensors the essentials you have to bring with you when leaving home for work, school, workout etc and reminds you what you have left behind once you have left the home.
Robot babysitter - A robot with detectors that recognise the voice of the baby and understand what the baby wants.
Company asset - System that reports on the condition of company assets and creates reports for the management to make decisions into which assets to put the investments.
Child phone - A phone for children with a limited amount of applications and functions which is also connected to the mother’s phone for the mother to be able to control the activities of the child.

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