The crazy-but-cool ideas of Garage48 Hardware & Arts Tbilisi 2015

Garage48 is back in Georgia and this time for a Hardware and Arts hackathon. We were again welcomed by the beautiful mountain views of Tbilisi, crisp sunny weather and the Georgian can-do spirit. It's already the second event organised together with Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency - the central figure in the emerging tech scene of Georgia - who has been helping us make sense of how things work here and most importantly how to plan things by the local "Georgian Maybe Time". As we are used to not seeing problems but solutions the event has kicked off despite some small challenges and 11 teams are working hard to build their idea into a prototype in this intense timeframe. 

The event is held in the not-even-open-yet Tech Park Tbilisi that is built up on the Mtatsminda mountain in the middle of pine trees and fresh air. What a place for innovation! The official opening is going to take place at the end of December and during next year the house will open its doors to a co-working space, an incubator, a fully equipped FabLab for prototyping and GITA's headquartes - all to support the local startup ecosystem. Although the building is still in construction the event hall is full of excited hackers, hardware enthusiasts and startup spirit. 

While the teams are brazing, cutting and soldering away, you can read a short description of all the 15 ideas pitched on Friday. The submitted teams are marked in bold.

1. Rich Box

Collecting money virtually. You can set a goal and then start saving.

2. Lazer runner

Alternative to really expensive and big lazer cutters. Makes lazer cutting easier and cheaper. 

3. Shang Tsung

Gadget curing insomnia.

4. LED shirt

Shirt that is used to play a game. 

5. Connected world

Want to make IoT better and cheaper. Smart home solutions. 

6. We can all be heroes

Gadget that allows to help people around you. 

7. Belt charger

Belt that generates electricity to charge your phone. 

8. Muscle

Building smart prosthetics. 

9. Gradient

Helping blind people. Glasses for blind people that react to movement and direct them. 

10. Intelligent doorbell

The doorbell gives you notification on your phone.

11. Robot toilet

Mobile toilet that moves around the city.

12. Mystery box

Music library. Social network for music. 

13. Robot hand

Helps you when you're very tired. Brings you things. 

14. Rover+

Rover that goes to places for you. You can visit places in Tbilisi without really going there yourself.

15. Eco Battery

Producing energy from riding a bicycle. You can charge your phone while you ride.  

Good luck to all the teams and don't forget to tune in to the final event on Sunday 5.30pm GMT+4 here.

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