Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013 winner is PhotoFing

Garage48 is proud to announce the winners of the Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013 event which this time took place at Technopolis Ülemiste. 19 ideas were pitched and 12 went on to the next round being guided by mentors. On Sunday night, after hard work, PhotoFing was announced as the Winner of Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013, MyWheel is the Runner Up and also the Favourite of the Audience. The second place Runner Up was BitterSweet.  Microsoft Special Prize went to mTakso and Digifail. 



Members: Gennadi Jakutin, Lauri Mattus, Priit Mattus, Egon Laanesaar, Erik Suit, Artur Minasjan, Igor Nakonetsnoi, Liise Valma, Valdar Kallasmaa.

Runner Up, Favourite of the Audience


MyWheel is a self-development App that helps you to balance your life via interactive "wheel of life". By answering few questions you will see your personal "wheel of life" and ideas how to improve it.  Facebook

Members: Erik Ehasoo, Daniel Anjos, Rauno Villbers, Luis Barragan, Dmitry Preobrazhenskiy, Fred Moritz, Sille Lukk.


Second Runner Up


It is a relationship analysis application in html and Windows 8 platform. The better to understand your relationship this simple app generates statistics about your feelings towards your relationship right into your personal mobile screen. In a later phase it predicts the patterns in relationship and giver notifications and advise. Primary target group are women. 


Members: Kadri Tuisk, Maret Kruve, Jürgen Kuklane, Tarmo Annus, Hannu Kikkas.

Microsoft Special Prize: Best Windows Phone App

2 click taxi ordering app, that lets you order any taxi you want without calling the dispatcher. The app already works in Tallinn and Tartu, has 6500 registered users on Android and iPhone just 1,5 month from launch. How during Garage48 weekend, mTakso team built Windows Phone app and got best app prize. - telli takso 
Members: Markus Villig, Iida Kaisa Urm, Erki Luik, Erik Hirmo


Microsoft Special Prize 

DigiFail/DigiDoc Viewer

DigiDoc client application for Windows Phone. Allows viewing DigiDoc files and signing files digitally. Facebook

Members: Grete Strandberg, Märt Ringmäe, Karel Golberg, Arni Leibovitš.

Health Notebook 

Its an health notebook in my pocket. It includes data about myself and my family and ready to use in the moment I need it a most.

Members: Tiina Hallimäe, Valdar Kallasmaa, Mailis Toompuu, Märten Soo.


Shopping, dialing a number, a software in tablet.

Members: Kaiko Kaur, Martin Verrev, Jorgen Kaur, Artur Schaback, Rode Luhaäär.


SmarterThanU is an innovative game that challenges players to prove their basic knowledge. SmarterThanU is a multiple-choice quiz game. Players take turns to answer questions in topic they select. Points are scored if player answered correctly, with bonus points being awarded if the player was quick to respond. As the game progresses, players unlock new difficulties and new topics with bonuses the game provides. FacebookTwitter

Members: Edgar Berman, Joonas Trussmann, Karl Oha, Eigen Lenk, Sander Valdma, Toomas Häide.

USB 4.0 

Universal Serial Banana 4.0 is Windows mobile phone application to transform any bananas* into 'virtual memory' storages. Simply goto USB4.0 app, scan your banana, get access to upload files from your mobile to banana, and then unlock and download files from banana when you use the USB4.0 app on another mobile phone.  

Members: Ivo Capins, Renna Reemet, Tanel Särgava.


A very simple productivity app. We all want to be more successful, but often we fail, because we actually are overworked or lazy. With Qwertu user will check-in their moods with one word and the app will learn from you as you use it. You will be able to see your mood-swings on the timeline and the app will be able to predict, how will you feel tomorrow, based on your historical data. 
Members: Janis Sprenne, Matiss Berzins, Aivars Lauzis, Ingmars Groskops, Didzis Gruznovs, Janis Peisenieks, Davis Jaunzems.  

Are you tired of all the promises made by politicians! Yes? Then smack them! 
Members: Henri Kroosmann, Jaan Kruusma, Carl Rannaberg, Jaanus Sakkis, Martin Grüner, Maret Kruve.

Find That Ad is a windows app which lets you find things that you want. Ever seen an ad for something, but forgotten the details by the time you get home? Find That Ad will let you search by product type, ad location or even the color of the advert, and will take you directly to where you can get what it was you were searching for.
Members: Dominic Hall, Rasmus Kuusmann, Tanel Tumanski.


Jury member Lauri Toomsalu (EMT) said: "Jury decision were not easy, because our jury had many members from different countries and backgrounds. All those 12 teams were very good and their presentations were outstanding. We admired their potential to become successful in the local and international market. Lots of them were done in 48 hours and were very good. Decisions are made and we are happy that so many powerful teams participated in Garage48 event." Lauri Toomsalu added: "The main reason why EMT participated is that EMT wants people to use their mobile phones and services more then ever. Mobile apps are the fast growing part of mobile services market and there is the biggest potential of growth and revenue. EMT is providing the best devices and best services to use mobile applications and it has been a great honour to support Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp this autumn in Tallinn." 

Mentor Karsten Vandrup said: "The winning team was extremely focused, they were passionate about what they did and in the business potential is there without too high ambitions. Good implementations, good design and overall good teamwork. But in general I find that teams had high quality and ideas were very good. Not everybody was eagerly focusing on the business potential and that is also OK. Obviously we pick the winners because of the business potential which is a little unfair to the little funny ideas that always make such events great. Team like Smack the Politician did not get any award, but they did a very good job."


  • Karsten Vandrup: Chairman of Softmobile ApS and founder of Latvisoft, Baltic Embedded and Vigrid Invest Ltd
  • Ragnar Sass: co-founder of Garage48Pipedrive 
  • Antti Vilpponen: General Manager at UpCloud
  • Agu Suur: Frontend Developer at Axinom
  • Martin Koppel: As a COO of mobile payments company Fortumo
  • Priidu Paomets: Software Architect at Markus Software


Platinum Sponsor: 

  • EMT

Premium Sponsors: 

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Samsung


  • Technopolis Ülemiste
  • UpCloud
  • 99designs
  • Edicy
  • Seedcamp
  • Zazler
Read more about this event here and take a look at the photos

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