Garage48 Tallinn 2014 "Health & Wellness" 15 projects

More than 150 people gathered on Friday in Tehnopol to the very first Garage48 week-end event focusing on health & wellness related ideas. For the first time we have health professionals working closely with developers over the intensive week-end. All together 41 ideas were pitched and 15 managed to attract a team. Follow the live stream of the final presentations event starting @ 17:30 (GMT+3).

Jimmy  We're building a fitness workout diary/ progress tracker app for iOS devices that would be as simple to use as old fashioned paper notebooks. No unnecessary extra features - very basic, yet highly advanced - because currently the market is overflooded with applications that are overly complicated and too time consuming to use efficiently. 
Sometimes less is more!
Team: Vahur Roosimaa, Danel Freiberg, Liina Laul 
DonateIT links together blood donors and donation centres in an quick and convenient way, and informs potential donors when their blood is needed. A revolution in blood donation.Facebook
Team: Eva, Janis, Vitali, Mike, Renna, Martin, Kai, Rene, Peter, Sander. 

Up4BeautyLast-minute beauty appointments & free treatments (for beauty course models) in your town! Up4Beauty is a portal for beauticians to post their last-minute availabilities and inquiries to find models for beauty courses.Customers can find attractively priced last-minute treatment offers or even free treatments if they participate as a model on a beauty course. 
Up4Beauty will launch in Estonia, where currently beauticians use Facebook to find last-minute clients or models. Our solution will increase the probability to find clients by reaching much more clients than individual beauticians currently reach over their Facebook site.
Up4Beauty starts with a lean-development of MVP to validate the business model, later monetizing will come from fees that beauticians will pay for each booking over the app. 
Team: Maria Roosiaas, Kristel Kont, Kert Kailep, Märten Soo, Robert Domak 

StreetWise StreetWise is an app for explorers. It helps you make every day an adventure, by showing you streets you have never visited before. Explore your home town, or the whole world :)Facebook 
Team: Ulf Anso, Erki Luik, Katrina Mäeorg, Gvantsa Sekhniashvili 


GoWorkaBit Go Mobile Award winning web-app GoWorkaBit is going mobile during this weekend @garage48! Get notified about short-term projects where your skills are needed. Which platform? We are doing 3-some!
Choose your next bit of work on the go. Go work a bit!Facebook Twitter 
Team: Kei Karlson, Ethel Voites, Gerli Veermäe, Maido Parv, Priit Mattus, Sander Valdma, Toomas Häide, Valdar Liive, Lauri Mattus.  

LabelTrust interactive mobile app We are creating interactive mobile app for food products, household products and cosmetics (at the moment for testing we create it only for non alcoholic beverages), what could help people to get in easy way overview, how this product could effect their health. Through this app we try to get people involved and try to motivate them through getting to know product rating. It is necessary because at the moment there is no such solution available what could give you fast information about products, at the same time evaluating them. Our application is useful even if there is no datas available for certain product, it can give rating based on 10 point system anyway. Facebook 
Team: Olavi Miller - visonary project manager, Mariann Liimal - marketer, Lauri Kapp - designer UX, Albert Tumanov - developer 

MediKeep app looks after your home medicine!
Just scan your drugs, add expire date and quantity. And don't worry- MediKeep will notify when you have to pay attention to your medicine cabinet.Facebook @MediKeep 
Team: Rando Lester, Valter Vlassov, Allan Kandmaa, Kerti Alev, Raimo Laus (mentor), Rene Mets, Roman Gujabidze, Kenno Ruul. Problem: it is difficult for parents to find extra curricular activities for their children, because information is scattered around the internet. Studies have shown that children who does not engage in extracurricular activities are socially less independent and more likely to get involved with alcohol and other drugs.
Solution: is a site where information on all extra curricular activities in Estonia is gathered into one place. 
Target group: parents, providers of extra curricular activities, children.
Team: Tiko Gakhokidze, Maia Mitšulis, Jaba Nadareishvili, Marit Priks, Andres Jaan Tack, Mariliis Tael, Tornike Turiashvili 

FocusPocus Need a couple of more hours in your workday?
You’re not a morning or an evening person. You’re probably a 10-12 AM or 3-5 PM person. Understanding your daily energy patterns will help you plan the hardest work tasks to time slots when you have most energy. This simple hack is used by business coaches and will give you up to three work hours per dayFacebook Twitter 
Team: Henri Kroosmann, Sven Kirsimäe, Carl Rannaberg, Janek Valdsalu, Kair Käsper, Torsten Ojaperv, Tsia Bodokia, Kristo Jürgenson. 

Ticky is a website which provides last minute, discount tickets for events (theatres, concerts etc). It is helpful for theatres to sell all their tickets, to ensure almost always a full house and useful channel for people to easily find good deals.
Target group is an open minded, educated 30+ woman. Facebook Twitter 
Team: Inger Kitt, Martin Kõivas, Oskars Gauks, Margus Pala, Hanna-Mari Kirs, Zurabi Tchumburidze, Giorgi Geladze, Tamar Karchkhadze, Kate Kobakhidze, Davit Shukvani, Maarja Laineste. 

HealthConnect is innovative solution, comprised of hardware and software combination for simplified health data collection, analysis and visualisation.
System measures health and environmental indicators and analyse it for medical use.
HealtConnect can react on abnormal data and help people fight the diseases (such as apnoea syndrome, enuresis etc.)Facebook Twitter 
Team: Emil Syundyukov, Eriks Gopaks, Ilja Gubins, Andris Silis, Martin Ligema, Yuxi Chen, Ilze Zaharane 

Curescope Systematic and Dynamic Symptom Checker.
Team: Karl Kull, Mart Randala, Taavi Jaanson, Alina Toptchyi, Mihkel Loomus, Mariann Rugo 

Heartify helps people with chronic heart failure to track medical treatment procedures through monitoring 3 key vitals – heart rate, blood pressure and weight. The patient with the condition can use our smartphone application which reminds him/her to insert the data to measure the fulfilment of the treatment plan. This makes it possible to delay the progression of the disease and maintain the quality of life.Facebook
Team: Kristjan Kolde - Project Manager & Team Lead, Ardo Huul – Marketer, Vadim Strautšenko – Project Manager, Martti Kuldma – Frontend Developer, Erkki Saarniit – UX/Service Engineer, Krista Kruuv-Käo – Health Professional, Kristjan Veskimäe – Backend Developer, Marcus Sundman – Backend Developer, Anett Saarik – Mobile Developer, David Tsiklauri – Marketer 

TenLives TenLives provides You with an oppourtunity to be more aware of Your health issues by analizyng symptoms and data received from Your social profile.Facebook 
Team: Helen Hirbaum - Project manager, Daniel Cho - Backend Developer, Dmitry Manayev - Backend developer, Kaarel Teder - Frontend developer 

MyHealthStory focuses on visualizing patients health story, available from several public databases, in one conclusive and compressed interactive picture for doctors who need a quick overview. Demo @
Team: Kristjan Järvan, Ain Aaviksoo, Maarja Mõtus, Paul-Matis Türnpuu, Alexand Kormiltsyn, Jaak Kaevats, Jaanus Torp  

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