Garage48 Tallinn pre-event discussing healthcare problems

Last Wednesday Garage48 Tallinn 2014 "Health&Wellness" week-end hackathon pre-event brought more than 40 people to Garage48 HUB to listen and discuss healthcare related problems and innovation needs. Jaan Tallinn & Ain Aaviksoo sharing their thoughts on eHealth and future of wellness.

 Garage48 Tallinn 2014 "Health&Wellness" event is the very first Garage48 attempt to combine healthcare focus with IT and bring health professionals to the hackathon. "We knew that health & wellness topic is popular but I couldn't imagine even in my wildest dreams that we would have so much interest especially from healthcare sector:) We still have 2 weeks till the event and already we have such a great number of health professionals who have never participated in Garage48 events before registered," said Maarika Susi, the main organizer of the week-end hackathon, "And what's even better - these health professionals come with ideas from health sector!" 

This being said registration is open and ESPECIALLY WANTED ARE IT PROFESSIONALS.  Join the event and lets develop projects and make innovation in healthcare!
To give you heads up here are some comments from the Wednesday pre-event: 
Ain Aaviksoo: 
Change in health sector is happening today. The key word to remember is PERSONALIZATION. People don't want average care anymore! 

Jaan Tallinn:
Would you use the traditional healthcare system if you would know that one plane-full of people die every day because of preventive medicine.  - NO PERSON IS AVERAGE! – medical science is about estimating conditions to averages!  - successful projects are the ones meant straight to people, personalised information easily accessible 

Garage48 Tallinn 2014 "Health&Wellness" event happening thanks to our great sponsors&partners: 

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