Garage48 HealthTech in Riga: everybody was a winner!

The very first Garage48 hackathon focused on health technology was a great success with 33 ideas pitched on Friday and 14 of them turned into working prototypes after 48 hours of intense work. We had 91 participants here in Riga in the brand new and super comfortable rooms of Academic Centre of Natural Sciences working for one goal - to make the world a better and healthier place. To help out with reaching this goal we have to thank our awesome sponsors and over 15 experts mentoring the teams and sharing their know-how over the weekend. 

The jury who had to make the hard decision after Sunday final's pitches consisted of: Kerli Gabrilovica (Lattelecom), Indrek Rebane (Garage48, Buildit), Thomas Schmit (Accelerace Management A/S), Sven Parkel (University of Tartu), Juris Klava (Mass Portal), Eriks Klotins (Blekinge Institute of Technology), Aija Klavina (Latvian Academy of Sport Education).

And without further ado, here are all the healthtastic teams acknowledged by the jury:

Prizes: city of Tartu prize of €500 worth of products/services;
 10h of mentoring with  Accelerace Life

Thinkforce uses brain scanners that help disabled people to live a better life in a wheelchair. We make people happy by enabling them to control smart devices with the use of their mind. Best part- you can afford it!

Team: Janika Leoste - Team leader, Toris Piip - Software engineer, Erik Piip - Jack of all, Tibor Bulecza - Biologist, Diana Broka - Medical engineer, Gleb Stsenov - Software, Johannes Kanter - Marketing, Aare Undo - Software engineer

1st RUNNER-UP: Ambrace
Prizes: Lattelecom  cloud space  for €500;
 3D printing with MassPortal

Ambrace is a smart knee brace that senses the user's leg muscle fatigue and supports the knee accordingly.

Team: Johanna - idea, design, team lead, Estonia, Tarvo - designer, Estonia, Mikk - backend, Estonia, Arno -. backend, Estonia, Dags - medical advisor, Latvia, Roberts - data analysis, backend, Latvia, Anita - hardware development, Latvia, Kaspars - hardware development, Latvia


We create a connection between a pregnant woman and her doctor to provide personalized care. The goal is to help calm down pregnant women using a mobile diary app. The value is prevention, saving time and resources. 

Team: Silver - team lead, iOS dev, EE; Siim - back-end, front-end, EE; Liina - research/BA, EE; Liis - analyst, EE; Koshy - Health Guru, GB; Artem - Legal Guru, UA

Microsoft Special Prize + RTU Special Prize: Call a nurse

Prize: 4 x Microsoft Band activity monitors + free prototyping at Riga Technical University

There are special patients from departments of traumatology, vertebrology, neurology, elderly people etc. There are situations when they need nurse/doctor help immediately, but they can't scream or reach for help button. We have made a system that consists of camera that reacts if you look at it for at least 6 seconds and then it turns on an alarm for nurses, who can see in their computer and phone apps which patient room needs help and face of patient who activated the alarm signal. She will run to this room and help/save live form your dad, grand-dad, uncle, brother, sister, mum, ant, sun etc. In these situation- the only thing that matters is time- fast look -> fast help! :) 

Team: Luize Bidina, medguru, Latvia; Reinis Lusis, hardware hacker, Latvia; Ilze Dombrovska, front-end developer, Latvia; Niks Jansons, business, Latvia

Special Prize: ICeeData
Prize: Lattelecom  cloud space  for €500

ICD records health data for arythmia patients. We are giving ICD patients the releavant data about their heart condition from their device. 

TeamHACKER - Arsenijus Picugins (LV); BUSINESS+DESIGN - Andrii Gorbenko (UKR); TEAM LEADERS: Anni-Brit Remmelg (EST); Kristjan Ostov (EST)

Thank you also to all the other teams who participated as well: YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!
K.A.N.Y.E.Classroom PlaysGo2DocTop ārsti, Suntime, dPressifyDr.op, Smart Medicine Box a.k.a MemoDrug, X-COACH

and also to our awesome partners and sponsors. 

Join the HealthHackers community and see you at next events!

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