It Is Raining Winners at Garage48 GreenTech Tallinn 2015

Garage48 GreenTech Tallinn 2015 has been unique in many ways – not only is it our 40th event and our 2nd time to be in the wonderful premises of Tehnopol Startup Incubator – we are now certain that great ideas will indeed find skillful people! This event is about impact, it is about how much you want to make the world a better place. The jury will make decisions, but it in the end it is all about to You and your team. 

On Friday someone asked Ragnar Sass: "How many teams will finish?" We have great news: all teams have finished and made it to the final! As we started off on Friday with 35 ideas pitched and 130 participants, the 19 teams and 116 participants on Sunday are proof that though not all will make it to the end, the dream and passion is still strong!

The idea and talks to organise a hackathon specifically to develop new solutions and new technologies for the environment and climate sector, started already a year ago with the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia. Maarika Susi, the Head Organiser of the event has worked hard on bringing together the environment professionals with a list of specialists ranging from designers to marketers to project managers and IT programmers. 

The evening started off with a warm greeting from the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment Mr Meelis Münt, who has been following the event on social media channels the whole weekend. He believes that three working days can really make an impact and it is possible to deliver unbelievable quality in such short period of time. 

Jörgen Talkop, the Head of the Climate Department at Ministry of the Environment and Jury member at Garage48 GreenTech also states: "The challenges in the environment and climate sector are huge, meaning that in order to overcome them we need lots of innovation and different thinking. In this situation, green technology may be the first key solutions provider for Estonia. To carry out the changes, we need innovation and new solutions for which Garage48 is a logical platform, as it has a prolonged history with new initiatives."

As finding solutions for the environmental impact is so crucial, we have also other companies and institutions to thank for the meaningful cooperation. The Estonian Development Fund for the ongoing support and trust in the work of Garage48. PlanetOS for providing us with data sets and mentoring. Microsoft for giving us technical support and comprehensive know-how. The US Embassy in Tallinn for helping to bring world-class mentors to Garage48 and for being a friend as well. And once again a big THANK YOU to the Ministry of the Environment for the mission-triggered work and openness. 

We also want to thank Elise Sass, who has helped all of the team leaders to practice their pitches for the final demo and being a mentor to all of the teams as well. "This Garage48 was another example how to bring together tech people and experts from different industries -  environmental specialists. And if you give a finger to this world it takes your whole hand -  and you are immediately part of the world of making difference together with technology. It was great to see how many ideas were pitched and products build that will affect all of us in our daily lives. I am sure that in next similar events we will see even more complicated solutions that will change the world," said Elise of the exceptional event. 

Though the teams have been successful 100% thanks to their own skills and teamwork, we want to thank all the mentors, who have tried to guide the 19 teams and give away some secret tricks up their sleeves as well.

  •  ANDRÉ KARPIŠTŠENKO - Co-Founder PlanetOS
  •  OLIVER AHLBERG - Co-Founder and General Manager Skeleton Technologies
  •  ELISE SASS - Startup-Lead at Microsoft in Central-Eastern Europe
  •  MARTIN GRÜNER - Co-founder of Aplefly Games
  •  HARRI MOORA - Programme Director at Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre
  •  RON BLOEMERS - Founder & Managing Partner at Start-U-up
  •  KAIJA VALDMAA - GreenTech Cluster Manager at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
  •  MAIDO PARV - Design Integrator at Skype
  •  ANDRES SUSI - Tech Entrepreneur
  •  MARTIN VERREV - Developer, co-founder at Qminder
  •  RAGNAR SASS - Co-founder at Garage48, Co-founder & President at Pipedrive
  •  CESAR ZEPPINI - UI/UX Designer at Pipedrive
  •  JÖRGEN TALKOP - head of Climate Department at Ministry of Environment
  •  JOHN BATES - Leadership Communication Expert
  •  HELEN KOKK - UI/UX expert and Graphic Designer at Made By

Finding the best of the best is a hard job and as we emphasised - the decisions of the jury mean nothing without the ongoing hard work, long after the event itself. So a BIG THANK YOU to our jury members
RAGNAR SASS (Garage48, Pipedrive), ELISE SASS (Microsoft), HARRI MOORA (SEI Tallinn Centre), JÖRGEN TALKOP (Ministry of Environment), ENN JR LAANSOO (Pakri Science Park), OLIVER AHLBERG (Skeleton Technologies) and CESAR ZEPPINI (Pipedrive). 

But now lets crown the WINNERS of Garage48 GreenTech Tallinn 2015: 



Prizes: 2 tickets to the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Access to Climate LaunchPad 2015 mentoring program

Creatomus is a tool that empowers you to create utmost energy efficient future home. Play around with different parameters (number of windows/rooms/sun's direction etc) and see what impact it has on your household energy consumption.

Team members: Renee Puusepp - Team Leader, Peter Fagerström - Environmental specialist, Rene Rumberg - Marketing, Kristiina Keelmann - Marketing, Ilya Vasilyev - Designer, Martins Untals - Backend dev, Maris Vilks - Frontend dev (Backend), Kaiko Kivi - Environmentl specialist/Coder, Martin Melioranski - Architect



Prizes: Tickets to SLUSH conference in autumn, Access to Climate LaunchPad

 PostPal is delivery service for online stores that offers fast, cheap and green delivery by eliminating middleman courier company.
Team members: Veiko Proos - project manager / businessman, Siim Saarik - backend developerKlemens Arro - mobile developer, Harry Kanistik - marketing / design 



Prizes: 2 tickets to Climate LaunchPad, 4 tickets to Latitude59, 6 months of cloud server from Veebimajutus

VeggieRadar or Distributed Community Supported Agriculture - an openly linked scheme for distributing seasonal production of hobby gardeners.

Team members: Allan Laal - project manager, Jekaterina Tint - business and marketing, Priit Joa - functional designer, Kadri Kaarna - marketing, environmental specialist, Ingrid Hermet - marketing, Joosep Laik - marketing, Jüri Andrejev - back-end developer, Avo Tohver - developer, Kadi Ilves - designer, Hans-Erik Põldoja - designer



Prize: 4 hours of mentoring from Pakri Science Park to the most technological team for building smart cities

 Aggregate real-time and historical air quality data from all available sources to provide it via uniform REST API to commercial entities and visualize it for easy interpretation by private individuals.
Team members: Mike Vayvala - Full Stack Web Developer, Hanna Vayvala - Marketer, Sergiy Kyrylkov - Team Lead 



Prize: 3 Nokia Lumia 1520 phones

Forest Captain is a mobile-app that helps nature photographer to find wildlife in their natural environment.

Team members: Andrus Asumets, Taavi Ilmjärv, Andres Lindemann, Margus Pärt, Jaanus Sakkis, Jaanus Remm


Prize: 3 Nokia Lumia 1520 phones

Skin protection app. You love the sun and so do we. Now, it's time to improve this relationship and it's never been easier.

Team members: Erki Luik - Front/End Web Dev, Ulf Anso - Back/End Web Dev, Katrina Mäeorg - Front/End Web Dev, Taavi Kusmin - Back/End Web Dev, Laura Streimann - Marketing, Parol Jalakas - Design, Evelin Roop and Justin Hein - environmental specialists 



A HUGE APPLAUSE also to our other teams, who seriously kicked ass during the whole 48 hours: 


 Web app to enable to find teams of evangelists, "Rainer Nõlvak's" in each of 200 countries for 2018 big cleanup day event.  


 Autonomous Aerial Surveillance System for wildlife conservation which includes several aircrafts (for tests at the moment we use Drone DJI S900 (hex-copter), landing platforms (for aircraft autonomous charging and video downloading) and data transmission solutions. 


 Reward people with eco coins for all their activity that saves the planet. Provide ability to exchange ecocoins for sponsored gifts or stuff other people do not need. 


 Sortem is simple to use mobile app to help you out with the waste recycling process.  


 Ecolabel Tool is an online application management service for businesses applying to the EU Ecolabel. 


 Platform service for choosing solar panels faster from one webpage.


Do you have some nice things you actually don’t use? They are waste of space but you just can’t throw them away? Or do you need something to buy? Would you like to get it for free? 


 The app gives everybody opportunity to photo and tag on the map the bulk garbage (like used sofa or wardrobe) which needs to be removed, or any other place which needs garbage removal. 


 Wasted Game goal is to make people (especially youngsters) realise the importance to keep enviroment clean. Dealing with root of the problems, not consequences. 


 Beachspot is a app that gives you real time information about beaches and their conditions near you. 


 YO2 Mask is the first personalized design based facemask brand. Handmade with high quality pollution filters and antiallergenic organic materials. 


 Buildilator is a calculator for home building and energy efficiency. Buildilator is a business model which helps to calculate and compare different materials and solutions for building a house. 

Smart Consume 

 SmartConsume is a webpage with the aim to raise environmental awareness among ordinary people and offer them solutions. 

THANK YOU also to our amazing VOLUNTEERS, without whom the events like these would not be possible.

OUR SPONSORS AND SUPPORTES. We cannot thank you enough, so lets just say that we love you!

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