The 18 awesome projects of Garage48 Hardware & Arts!

It was almost midnight yesterday by the time all 18 teams were formed. This meant a long night and little sleep for most, as the teams began work on their projects. Despite arriving blearyeyed all reported big leaps forward at the first progress this morning. Well we never said it would be easy!

Should any of the teams run in to difficulties or require a little extra help during the weekend. We are privileged to have 16 incredible mentors with a vast array of knowledge in different areas on hand. Including 2 members of the Raspberry Pi team who flew over specially for this event. If you want to know more about the mentors, check out our webpage.

Enough about the mentors, you want to know about the teams!!! Well here you go...

1. Drone Station (24/7 Drone Control) Smart charging station for drones. Enable your drone to self-charge and make it fly endlessly.  

Team Members: Liisi Soots, Tõnis Tiimus, Oliver Stimmer, Erik Jaaniso, Hannu Kikkas, Lev Piautzer

2. Skin [X] (Social IT thing)  Our team aims to build new approach to tactile sensation to our body. Initially (!) it comes from our experience in work with disabled people - existing solutions are out-of-date and the social impact is to strengthen their stimulus to explore their surroundings. On the other hand our strong vision is that this may become as friendly solution for people to build their body and self awareness - to re-connect their body and improve relationships in the family. And this is just a beginning of Skin [X]
Team members: Edit Emese Vizer, Anna Frida Guidice, Ada Chan, Brigita Silberg, Tim Pechersky, Kris Veinberg, Paulius Juska, Vita Brakovska 


3. ARCTOS  To build a device which measures and calculates via range, angle and altitude the target for the fire observer.
Team members: Veljo Raide, Koit Kulper, Pavels Resko, Jaas Jezov, Sten Allik 


4. Do you even lift? The idea is about building a device, which would track the workout (Weights, repetitions, sets, calories, time and acceleration) and send the data to a web-site and app. It is neccesary for people, who work out, so they can track their results and see how they can improve them.
Team members: Maksim Zubkov, Aare Puussaar, Toomas Välja, Brett Astrid Vomma, Taavi Taros, Tõnis Bramanis, Karl Tõnissoo, Sven Kautlenbach 

Facebook Webpage 

 5. ~1 VILN.IS ONE (VJ standalone controller) Simplest VJ standalone controller with screen buttons. 
Team members: Oskars Cirsis, Rihards Grāvis, Ģirts Užāns, Søren Peter Sieg Mørch, Arnis Kalniņš 

Facebook Webpage

6. Wild Rat An interactive toy for both the dog and the owner. 
Team members: Egor, Andrejs, Artur, Aleksei, Maret, Kaarel, Gunilla 


7. Blackout (Internet of Short Circuit) We've created a small, discreet device that can quickly kill power anywhere, any time. Because it's controllable via your smartphone, the device has a huge potential in such fields as security, fire-safety, military and, of course, pranking.
Team members: Rihards Skrubis, Kristaps Grinbergs, Siim Raud, Kaspars Purmalietis, Krisjanis Ozols. Facebook  Twitter Webpage 

8. Animeasure (Tape Measure Solutions) It is a tape measure that has a fun animation feature. We use scanimation or animated optical illusion to liven up the conventional tape measure for its users from tailors to designers.
Team members: Team Members: Egle Lillemäe, Kristjan Indus, Renee Puusepp, Madis Lobjakas, Marko Veelma, Margus Paap, Jodee Bugarszki-Lim 

Facebook Twitter Webpage

9. GrowAI GrowAI is an augmented reality device for gardeners and automated gardening systems. GrowAI helps you grow like a pro.
Team members: Lauri Kapp, Madis Merila, Ermo Naarits, Karl Aleksander Kongas, Maria Roosiaas Facebook

10. Liquid Light New way to serve drinks. Interactive tray for shots.
Team members: Edgars Grava, Andrejs Puķītis, Gunārs Frickauss, Jānis Dimpers, Aleksandrs Ļevinskis, Jānis Ģeņģeris, Zandis Murāns, Edgars Skruodis, Reinis Veips, Solvita Dižgalve 


11. Posture Sensor Our idea is to develop a cheap app-independent and easy-to-use posture sensor for everyone who wants to sit up straight. This device is highly recommended for people who have posture problems and need to change these bad habits.
Team members: Peep Uudeküll, Kairin Koovit, Anna Jõgi, Kaspar Kivilo, Tiina Pärtel, Mairit Aru Facebook Webpage

12. Hitafly (Shootafly) Hitafly is an electronic handgun coach. It's a training device and mobile app that displays shooting errors in real-time. Practice, and you can hit a fly. Additionally, Hitafly keeps a shooting diary, so you know how much you've practiced and when to service your handgun.
Team members: Meelis Mandre, Ago Savi, Kaspars Laizans, Alex Shoh, Hannes Haljaste, Alvis Kundzins, Endel Soolo, Venno Viinapuu, Margus Pärt, Vahur Afanasjev, Veli-Johan Veromann Facebook Webpage

13. Pi Tank We are building a 3D printable open source design tank that has a Raspberry Pi for a brain and a kinect to map the surroundings - all controlled via mobile phone. This product has recon value for the military and civilians can use it as an artificial pet.
Team members: Kristjan Järvan, Ilya Kuzovkin, Ulf Anso, Madis Kaasik, Jaan Kontkar, Katrina Mäeorg

14. Cheeks Up (Speech Therapy Game) Speech and Face muscle movement trainer with Gamification elements and robotic feedback mechanism. 
Team members: Ilze Zaharane, Kristjan Pihus, Arnis Lielturks, Erki Viidalepp,  Ihan Toomik, Laura Streimann, Janis Graubins 


15. Auto Porridge 3000 Finally you can sleep in and have you breakfast too! Auto Porridge 3000 is like an espres  so machine for your morning porridge! We will build porridge making machine that is app controlled so you don't have to get out of bed to make breakfast. It will make life easier for all of us who want abide by a healthy lifestyle but can't beat the snooze button. Team members: Martin Meisalu, Jaan Tohver, Aare Undo,  Helen Tikka, Liis Uustal, Sander Tammeoo, Ott Oja, Priit Pedastsaar, Leana T. 


16. BeeHunter (Smart Beehive) Smart sensored bee traps with alert system for the bee keepers to catch the escaping sworms. 
Team members: Hannes Praks, Paul Vahur, Tarmo Annus, Pertti Pleer,Maggie, Maarika Susi, Andres Järvan 


17. Puca (Funbot) Puca is a robot, that introduces the basics of robotics and electronics to kids in a fun and engaging way.
Team members: Deepak Solanki, Riho Kerge, Kaiko Kivi, Kristi Kiiestu, Janno Jõulu, Elen Elbra, Kalvis Altens, Janis Mucenieks, Ivar Volt 

Facebook Webpage

18. ChickPoint  We are building chicken feeding machine what recognize chickens in your farm and gives them portion of food depending when they last eat. Project contains chips for chickens (attach to chickens legs) and feeding machine
Team members: Erik Piip, Jurijs Varneks, Siim Talvik, Kert Sasi, Villu Jahimaa, Mari Hunt, Grete Veskiväli, Egert Uibo, Ljudmilla Georgijeva 


By the way, are you curious what were all of the 38 ideas that were pitched on the stage on Friday evening?


  • Wearables platform - An open-source platform wearable device, which gathers data on different activities in one application. The GoPro of wearables!!
  • Light link - A simple mood light system and app to remotely control any lights.
  • Fire unit´s data connection system - An automated system to calculate data and give commands to fire units.
  • Mule-drone - A system of sensors sending information to be picked up by a drone.
  • Acoustic sensors network - A GSM network infrastructure with acoustic sensors for ground surveillance.
  • 3D solder doodler - A 3D metal doodler for one hand soldering, adaptable to a 3D printer.
  • Customisable animated jewellery - Jewellery and badges with an LED screen allowing images to be changed via a web service.
  • VOICE to DATA - Replacing normal “handshake dialogue” in voice broadcast by a compressed recorded voice to save energy and transfer time.
  • Puff the magic dragon - An e-cigarette half the normal size that is connected to an app for collecting statistics.
  • Superman - A solution enabling one to fly.
  • Gaming accessory - That would add a physical experience to gaming apps.
  • Balloon GPS tracker - For global space balloon race, for taking good photos, monitoring data.
  • Design computer mouse - That is more ergonomic and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  • Disposable 3D printed drone - For multiplayer fight games.
  • Polaroid photo booth - for events.
  • Tyre checking scanner - That alerts police of unsafe cars on road.
  • Eyemask which becomes transparent in morning / Wind-up drone / Revolving mini product studio for taking photos with two cameras.
  • Car bottle holder - That eliminates the need to unscrew and screw a bottle.
  • Loudspeaker T-shirt - A garment replacing a loudspeaker.
  • Tastypod -  A vending machine  that will make a meal based on your measurements.

Out the 38 ideas pitched 18 teams have been formed! Now is the time to get to work and turn those ideas into a reality.
Are you ready? Let the hard work begin!

More information on the teams and their progress to follow…

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