The Garage48 Chisinau 2017 has kicked off with great people and great ideas!

We are back in beautiful Chisinau, Moldova to organise the Garage48 Chisinau 2017 hackathon. Together with Civitta, Dreamups Innovation Campus and our sponsor Estonian Development Coordination we welcomed 43 participants, 14 ideas from which 10 went into development. We can’t wait to see what amazing outcomes we will see after 48 hours of hardcore coding and brainstorming. Below are all of the ideas pitched and the ideas submitted are marked in bold.

1. Commodum
A platform that will would link customers with software companies. The main idea is to help the client to structure his idea with technical requirements by which companies can apply for this project.

2. Premium second hand textiles
A market place where people could either donate or sell at a symbolic price items that are in a good condition.

3. Adver the robot
Creating a robot that offers better customer service and will allow to receive concrete information and positive emotions when using public services.

4. Gamify the fight against climate change
Community to bring together people to fight climate change

5. Guvernograma
Developing a communication platform based on organizational structure of all public institutions. The goal is to help public servants create professional and safe partnerships with their foreign counterparts.

6. Miniature
Browsing experience reinvented. The project addresses usability problems when you have many tabs opened while you’re browsing on the net. The solution will be a unique browsing experience.

7. Online training program for pharmacists.
A platform to have online trainings rather than brands giving information once or twice a year. Pharma companies would give the content and the platform is for the pharmacy company to get an individual program especially made for their pharmacy and their employees.

8. AnonymZoo
The problem is that people are afraid to express their opinions, especially when it is an intimate situation. The solution is a social network where people can share their thoughts anonymously.
9. Updated VR
Image-based rendering in mobile VR. It is a mobile panorama photo viewer turned inside out.

10. Lock stache
Creating a smart lock and making all doors smart doors.

11. Tree Lib
Creating a better world for those who like to read. Tree Lib is a web platform that interconnects all of the libraries in Moldova.

12. Lexicon
A tool that helps you learn a new language effortlessly. Lexicon is a mobile app that provides a possibility to learn new words by yourself. It will associate words with places and translation of the words. Reminder to repeat these words.

13. Smart Shop
Simplifying people’s lives by saving money for shops and save a lot of time for people. App on your phone, linked with your credit cards so when you leave the shop, you get charged automatically.

14. Hackwall
Do you know how hard it is to choose between employees for a company? Hackwall will help Human Resources make that choice. It is a platform that will be based on remote hackathons.

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Show your support and see the final demos on Sunday, 19th February at 5.30pm GMT+2.

A shout out goes to all our sponsors and partners for making this awesome weekend happen!

*The event is organized by Garage48 in partnership with friends and partners from Dreamups Innovation Campus and Civitta, with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

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