The Winners of Idea Garage - Personalized Medicine Solutions!

This Saturday, creative people with different backgrounds and skillsets gathered in Tartu in order to elaborate on innovative personalized medicine. 19 ideas were pitched and eventually 14 teams were on a mission to put medicine in new perspective for future healthcare. The Idea Garage was different from other Garage48 events as it was not for building prototypes but to develop new ideas and assess their potential. The Idea Garage was organized by Garage48 Foundation and Buildit Accelerator in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs.

The Estonian personalized medicine pilot project started already last September. As Ain Aaviksoo, Vice-Chancellor of Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, explained, medical treatment and advice should be individual based on health, genetic and behavioural data and needs of each individual. Estonia has capacity to make it real as there is a genome bank with massive donated data and e-services. The Idea Garage was an initiative to connect experts in the field with entrepreneurial people so that new creative ideas could be born. Read more about personalized medicine here.

Winners & Teams


Prize: invitation for the next event organized by Ministry of Social Affairs + personal gene testing

DPI (Digital Passport of Immunization)

DPI is a service which notifies and suggests when and what to vaccinate. The users can see their vaccination data and get reminded to be vaccinated appropriately via mobile app. It will help people die because they do not get vaccinated with proper process. Governments and companies will fund them since they want to prevent epidemic and actually the prevention costs less in long term view.

Team: Karl-Oskar Masing, Ruth Amos, Kerli Hurt, Oliver Soop, Tarmo Kivi (mentor), Pascar Werner (mentor)


Prize: personal gene testing

Sleep Solution

Sleep Solution is a leg band monitoring sleeping cycle and provide sleep recommendation and training. The wearable device and app measure everything affects to sleeping accurately and fix people’s bad habits to make them productive in daytime. It will demolish the existing wearables with limited function or super high price.

Team: Dmytro Fishman, Erik Suit, Aleksandrs Semjonovs, Eostislavs Pavlovs, Piia Vettik-Leemit


Prize: personal gene testinG

Better Form

Better Form is web and mobile app for intelligent and easy-to-fill drug reaction form for patients. This mainly gatherS adverse reaction data from patients and will be integrated with Estonian Electronic Health Record System and genome database to improve medical treatments.

Team: Ats Astover, Krista Kruuv Käo (mentor), Kaja Kuivjõgi (mentor)


(to remind you, “everyone is a winner!”)

Estonian Database for Drug Models

Database for personalised drug models. 

Team: Girinath Gopinathan-Pillai, Indrek Rebane, Ain Aaviksoo (mentor)


Food recommendation system for people with allergies.

Team: Reemit Sarv, Siim Kurvits, Lagle Pärn, Madis Karu, Prashanth Parthiban, Nikhil Kumar Kamboj, Elister Kangur

Prescription Technology

Customized game for disorder relief such as pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Team: Ingrid Lesdorf, Alari Kannus, Achim Orzechowski(mentor)

Radiation tracker

Tool for tracking excessive radiation to help calculate additional cancer risk, especially for children.

Team: Fred Kamberg, Tatjana Novikova


Smart glasses for monitoring and analysing health via brain signals of elderly and service to inform appropriate people such as a doctor in case of health problems.

Team: Konstantins Pudovskis

Health Rate

Doctors profile database where people can find and review doctors in a new place and contact the doctor via video call.

Team: Oliver Stimmer, Reinis Skorovs, Paola Maria Periti

Mood controller

Wearable hardware which gives electric shock when a person has uncontrollable mood based on heart rate and pressure.

Team: Ronalds Sovas, Karin Hygge Blakeman (mentor)

Dose Correct

A service providing gene data and related drug metabolism based on a gene test.

Team: Grete Sõlg, Martin Kala, Sulev Kõks (mentor)


Social web and mobile platform where people can get personal feedback on their lifestyle. For motivation estimates the length of your life. 

Team: Taavi Tillmann, René Lasseron, Jaak Vilo (mentor)

Pharmacogenetic Test

Genetic test for adjusting specific drug and dose for cancer patients in order to prevent side effects.

Team: Kadri Toome, Pille Säälik, Katrin Tomson, Hanno Evard, Sven Parkel

Weather Food

Service suggesting what to eat to adapt to current weather especially for weather sensitive people in different environment.

Team: Andri Bonralent, Madis Sein


4th Brain - personal health assistant for you health habits. 

Embryo CV - database for embryo information to help IVF patients and clinics.

Digital Walking Stick - earphone and smartphone app for blind people to detect and notify environment.

Kids Watch - hardware device which reminds people to take pills and share the information with the family.

Bracelet - wearable device collecting and giving information for people who forget or lost easily such as Alzheimer's disease patients.

A huge thank you to all the participants for your kick-ass ideas and an inspirational day!

We also want to thank all our supporters and sponosrs. This event was supported by European Regional Development Fund through Estonian Research Council and Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs. Also all the organisers and - of course - this event could not have been so great with all the help from our amazing mentors. 
Thank you sponsors

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