What's cooking in Physicum? The projects of Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2018

It is Saturday evening and the 17 teams who started developing their ideas are all continuing their way to presenting an initial working prototype. Additionally to the traditional lazer cutting and soldering aromas it is even smelling like waffles here - the creating spirit and power of Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2018 hackathon has fully arrived at Physicum.

Check out what our teams are building this time.

 1. ChessMove
 Electronic chess board records you your chess moves, which enables you to analyse and   learn from your previous game.

 Teele Annus (chief marketer), Kristjan Pihus (server programmer), Ekaterina Krivich (server programmer), Hendrik Türk (electronics engineer), Edgars Grava (electronics engineer), Adam Erik Enok (product designer), Anders Martoja (electronics engineer),
Triin Vallner (product designer).

2. USB
Programmable USB device for every Estonian high    school student! During the weekend, we will create  and build a USB device prototype and feasible topics for mini-MOOC to support the hardware. Help us    educate next generation of Estonian programmers   and engineers.

Peeter Virk , Kert Männik (electronics  engineer), Kristo Allaje (electronics engineer), Kalle Kruusmaa (electronics engineer), Eno Menov (electronics engineer), Alo Peets (electronics engineer, team lead).

 3. 3D Maze
 Customizable labyrinth, that indicates the time, level  you are in and that you can easily make yourself by  changing simplest sketches of 3D or positions of the  layers. It is entertaining, can be adapted to any size,  shape or difficulty, according to you, without YOU    needing to do the work.

 Rita Jonkute (electrical engineer), Vilius Kraujutis (team lead), Simas Rackys (rising star), Aleksandrs Levinskis (electrical engineer), Jurij Ormanis (marketer).

4. Noodle Mama
We are building the first ever fully-automated instant noodle vending machine THE NOODLE MAMA! When life has left you broke and hungry, our mama will lend you a helping hand providing you with cheap and delicious noodle meals and all that within the blink of an eye. Stay tuned, because this mama will change the world!

 Laura Pint (product designer), Karolin Stimmer (marketing/UI), Merilin Kõrnas (marketing), Roberts Dargis (server programmer), Sander Kütt (mechanical Engineer), Sander Sinijärv (electronical engineer), Ulf Anso (electronical engineer). 


5. PIN
A social pin that breaks the ice in awkward social situations. In an event or social gathering , every participant takes a pin and sets it with her keywords showing her interests, and pins it to her shirt. When she gets to the close vicinity of someone with the similar interests, their both pins react to each other and give them a chance to start a conversation.

Team: Taavi Eomäe (mechanics engineer), Jasper Rebane (rising star), Andreas Vija (mobile or web apps developer), Vitalii Lakusta (server programmer), Marieh Sayadchi (UI / UX designer), Christian Safka (server programmer).

 6. Old Ladies
 Automating making of Lithuanian tree-cake.

 Team: Danielius Visockas (team lead), Arturas     Jonkus (electronics), Darius Bruzgulis (industrial    design), Silvar Muru (mechanics), Pilypas Savickas   (industrial design).

7. Boardmix
Device that plays different games with you, when you are alone. We start with 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' and continue with other games such as 'Tick, Tack, Toe', etc.

 Ucha Vekua (team lead), Karl Martin Teras (developer), Jaan Tohver (developer), Siavoosh Payande (electrical engineer), Magnus Otsa (designer), Emils Liepnieks (marketer), Signe Krumina (marketer).


8. Hit the node
Modular, extensible game platform that allows kids to play orientation games. Always unique because of flexible module locations and combinations. Modern way to have fun with physical activities, brain games and team collaboration, using technology.

Team: Alberts Bušinskis (server programmer), Evija Urtāne (UI designer), Toms Gribusts (server programmer), Emīls Kadiķis (mobile programmer), Ralfs Rotkājs (mobile programmer), Ralfs Grīnfelds (marketer), Jeļena Jermolajeva (marketer), Anastasija Savenkova (marketer), Arsenijs Picugis (electrinics engineer).

9. TSI - Thermal Signature Imitation
Nowadays adversary uses on a battlefield thermal cameras to detected the positions of our soldiers in order to strike them with rockets or with artillery. Our solution TSI device will create on a battlefield a false target to the enemy observers. For that purpose, our device will resemble the figure and heat signature of a human being. Our product will be a combination of new technology and materials, easy to use and cost effective.

 Team: Veiko Dieves (team lead),    Kaarel Piip (physicist), Sherif       elSherif (electronics engineer),     Martin Jürisoo (thermal signature    specialist), Rain Randsberg       (mechanical engineer), Antonina    Vracinska, (electronics engineer),    Ingela Heinaste (marketer).

10. Ensensed
We are developing new sense for human - "spider feeling", right from the pages of Spiderman comics! Special sensors will keep aware of your surrounding, so you can tell if someone sneaks up on you!
Team: Michael Nitsenko (team      lead), Janis Dimpers (JDat), Dietrich  Nexus (mechanics engineer),      Dobrinya Lazarev (electrical        engineer), Alina Pysariuk          (marketing).

11. TricKcolour
TricKcolor is an attachment to handweaving looms. It enables to use multiple colors in weft by switching between yarns. Instead of multiple shuttles loaded with small spools of yarn it is possible to use one yarnguider that travels from left to right in the shed and pulls loops of different color yarns straight from the large cones into the fabric. TricKcolor can be adjusted to many types of looms.

 Kadi Pajupuu (pitch, author of idea),  Anna Jõgi (team lead, electronics         engineer), Taavo Lukats (mechanics       engineer), Marilyn Piirsalu (designer),      Gleb Stsenov (programmer), Liisu Miller      (mechanics engineer).

 12. ripspam
 Spam filter for your real life post box for      filtering spam mail. Optionally auto recycles   the spam and sends notifications to your       phone when real mail is received.

 Mikus Upmalis (mechanical engineer),  Pāvels Reško (server programmer), Egert      Vahter (electronics engineer), Kalle-Gustav    Kruus (electronics engineer).

 13. Free4
 4 in1 small (ruler, contractor, compass, golden ratio measurement) measurement     tool to make children learning experience easy in school.       

 Ricardas Bielskis (team lead), Barbora Zilinskaite (designer), Andrius Jacunskas (designer), Kelli Turmann (marketer) , Simonas Gildutis (web developer).


 14. PUSH-E
 A cute robot assistant for your table. It pushes things around when you're too      lazy to do it yourself.

 Skomantas Čepulis (app & electronics dev), Gražina Bočkutė (robot design & pitch), Krišs Bērzkalns (mechanical engineer), Džiugas Laurušonis (app developer), Simonas Gildutis (server developer), Oleg Kalinkin (web designer).

 15. Hodlbox
 Piggy bank for             cryptocurrencies.

Janis Vegis(UI/UX designer), Oskars Cirsis (product desinger), Rihards Gravis (mobile or web apps developer), Märt Uibo (rising star).

16. Gocu - Great online companion for U
Cute robot companion with the ability to teach kids, read them stories and entertain them. Robot can talk, show videos and make photos.

 Rahul Puniani (design Jedi), Zaif Khan (mechanical Einstein), Mathias Luik (product/business hero), Kadir Aktaş (Google specialist), Darya Lapitskaya (storyteller), Xatia Kilanava (software guru), Emma-Leena Niitvähi (design mastermind), Andro Lominadze (electronics superman).

17. Unfortunately Fox and candy team didn't make it.

All the 16 teams are also competing for the Favourite of the Audience title, which is live at Garage48 Facebook. Vote for your favourite team HERE.

All teams who deliver a protoype by Sunday evening, will be presenting them in the Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2018 final. You're welcome to join us at the University of Tartu Physicum (Ostwaldi 1) on March 4th at 17.00
Come and cheer for your favourite team!

Photos by Sandra Eowyn Karu and Toomas Välja.

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