Winner of the Garage48 hack in Tbilisi is looking for the next Georgian Hero

With the help of the Estonian Development Cooperation we have been coming to Georgia already for 3 years. It is really great to see the startup and tech community growing and developing further every time we come here. The hackathon the past weekend on gamification and entertainment proved that Georgia has a lot of technological potential, a willingness to help each other and to build community - and as a result to grow their startup scene and produce global success stories. We are happy to work with great partners like Impact HUB Tbilisi who are a central figure in this ecosystem and of course we are honoured if the experience and know-how that we bring over here educates and sparks the entrepreneurial spirit. 

The past weekend we put on a hackathon looking for ideas in the gamification and entertainment field. We had 99 participants working on 14 ideas. Our mentor team was a powerhouse of local and international experts, a big thank you to all of them: Ragnar Sass,  Kair Käsper, Archil Bakuradze,
Hayk Asriyants, Cesar Zeppini, Kalev Kärpuk, Henri Kroosmann, Sandro Asatiani, Sergo Karakozov, Giorgi Jibladze, Tornike Suladze.  After 48 hours of work, fun, idea pivots, mentoring, pitch drilling and lots of coding 14 teams presented their working prototype in a 3 minute timeframe. The jury came together from the mentors who had been working with the teams and from people judging only the 3-minute pitch. The jury - Ragnar Sass, Cesar Zeppini, Henri Kroosmann, Archil Bakuradze, George Akhalkatsi, Mariam Kikaleishvili - had to assess 4 main things: team, product/solution, business potential and the final presentation. The discussion was not easy but here are the final results: 

Favourite of the Audience
Special goodies from Estonia 
It is a platform that quizzes clients to direct them to suitable profession courses.

Team: Tako Chanidze -Visionery, Giorgi Beria - front-end, Mirian Kakidze -Backend, Mirian Giorgadze -Designer, Salome Kakabadze -Marketing, Tengo Qutateladze- Marketing
The best technical team

Prize: Swag from Startuperi by TBC Bank
With this application we will increase the chances of people getting their lost items back. Whoever finds the item will easily be able to contact the owner and give them back their lost item. Item recognition happens with computer vision and without any hardware.

Team: Nick Devashvili - Team lead - Project Manager , Tedo Makharadze - Back-end , Aleksandre Bitsadze - Designer, Natali Alibegashvili - Front-end , Zura Berianidze - Front-end

The most fun team

Prize: Icy Beer
With our product you can have several or just one t-shirt and change hundreds of prints on them with velcro. We offer you several different, stylish t-shirt and unlimited stickers for these t-shirts.

Team: Aleksandre Romanadze-designer, Giorgi Gurabanidze-project manager, Giorgi Romanadze- front and back developer, Anri Sirabidze-marketer


The best pitch

Prize: Pipes Burger Joint burgers for the whole team
News feed of challenges, composed from best challenge ideas proposed by millions of people

Team: Guram Sanikidze _ Designer. Ketevan Antadze _ Designer. Giorgi Khvedelidze _ Project manager. Diana Kishindba _ Back end. Nika Mezvrishvili _ Back end. Tamta Asatiani _ Fron end. Giorgi Qochiashvili _ Front end


The biggest global potential

Prize: TSRE gym membership for the whole team offers you to bet you on yourself, helps you to achieve goals and earn money at the same time.

Team: Keti Adeishvili (Marketer), Nika losaberidze (Front-End developer), Lasha Andguladze (Back-End developer), Nika Oniani (Project Manager)



Prize: Impact HUB Tbilisi 1 month membership
Clap is a mobile app, which makes finding and hosting events easier than ever. It offers finding events on every location and have opportunity to host your own party. Application provides all information about certain event, including location, phone number, artist, travelling tickets and even accommodation.

Team: Nika Jebirashvili - Project Manager; Giorgi Asanidze - Back-end developer; Salome Tsiklauri - Front-end Developer; Giorgi Vekua - Design



Prize: 2000 GEL from Startuperi program by TBC Bank + TBC Bank swag 
Georgian Hero is a platform where young people can get hired for a short period of time and do simple tasks like wrapping gifts during Christmas event to get some extra money. The theme of app is "Georgian Hero," every user is a hero and the jobs are quests. By working hard and being always on time, heroes earn badges and xp.

Team: Guram Katsiashvili Android Developer, Sandro Mirianashvili Android developer, Ioane Margiani Backend developer, Vakhtang Kostava Marketer, Misho Tektumanidze Project Manager


And of course once more we thank our sponsors and partners. We rely on their help to put on these awesome events.

See you at the next hacks!

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