Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon

When 18-20 June, 2021

Where Online

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    We are starting this year fresh with a brand-new European initiative – the Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon! It’s time to hack smart health solutions to help Europe recover from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and faster and use the industrial transformation opportunities in a creative way!✨✨


    Data 4 Healthy Recovery is a hackathon programme seeking to contribute to a more RESILIENT and INNOVATIVE European industry.  

    The hackathon aims to find creative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in smart health. The challenges will be linked to various areas, such as health data storage and analytics solutions, connected health devices and applications, unconnected smart health devices and other applications ( augmented/virtual reality, synthetic biology, 3D printing, nanotech), to name a few.

    We are still in the process of selecting and fine-tuning the final challenges with the brightest leaders and innovators of the European industry, but here you can find the initial overview of the challenges.

    1. Safe workplace of the future
    2. Data-driven insights for health
    3. Improvements for medical manufacturing
    4. Public space safety for customers
    5. Safe use of medical data
    6. Smart mental health solutions for employees
    7. Solutions for teambuilding
    8. Food consumption awareness
    9. Personalised predictive medicine
    10. Real-time health monitoring and remote care


    Read more on the challenges HERE


    Both industrial transformation and post-COVID recovery give us a clearer perspective and offer us a chance to rethink economic and social models. It requires innovative solutions and tools, which will help European companies and organisations reshape their business models, products and processes. One of the most relevant avenues to follow in the context of digital transformation is smart health.  


    Throughout a series of brainstorming and matchmaking sessions before the hackathon, you will meet the challenge partners, get to know the challenges’ ins and outs, dive deeper into the problem and submit the solution you will be working on during the hackathon on 18–20 June 2021!

    Get ready for the most intense, 48-hour long hacking marathon you have ever experienced – full of brainstorming sessions, interesting talks, top-notch industry mentors and tons of other hackathon-style fun!


    We are calling all visionaries, developers, designers, data scientists, marketing specialists, engineers, entrepreneurs and industry experts. Now is the time to test, design, launch innovative solutions and build resilience towards the future.

    Watch the video tutorial- Participant in Eventornado

    Next steps of the programme, the timeline of the pre-events, and defined challenges to be announced shortly!

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    We are in the process of mapping out the most relevant, pressing challenges for European industry in the field of smart health and fine-tuning them with industry experts.

    The list will be modified as we get closer to the hackathon, so make sure to check back frequently.

    • Personalised predictive medicine –How do we make customised predictions of required medical services? Supported by Estonian Biobank
    • Data extraction and centralisation for better decision making- How do we gather medical data from different sources to analyse it for insights? Supported by MyVitale
    • Improvements for medical manufacturing – How do we improve functionality, quality, efficiency, safety and affordability of medical products?
    • Public space safety for customers – How do we allow offline businesses to provide services to customers safely?
    • Safe use of medical data – How do we protect medical data from intended or unintended disclosure?
    • Smart mental health solutions for employees –How do we predict, prevent, diagnose and address mental health threats more efficiently?
    • Solutions for teambuilding – How do we reinforce employee social interaction in the remote work era?
    • Food consumption awareness – How do we inform consumers about the benefits of the food they consume?
    • Real-time health monitoring and remote care – How do we provide constant health awareness and enable more effective remote care and cure management?
    • Safe workplace of the future – How do we design the modern and safe workplace of the future?

    ⏰ TIMELINE ⏰

    25 February 2021 - Official launch: apply to take part in the Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon!
    April 2021

    23 April 2021 and 7 May 2021- Meet and greet pre-events to meet the challenge owners and get to

    know the challenges

    23 April 2021- 24 May 2021-Think of a problem. Think of a solution. Submit your idea

    24 May 2021- Deadline to submit your idea

    28 May 2021 - Pre-event for matchmaking and team formation. Put together a team!

    9 June 2021- Announcement of the top teams that will participate in the hackathon.

    11 June 2021- Get Ready! Pre-event to define your plan of action for the hackathon

    18 - 20 June 2021- Data 4 Health Recovery Hackathon