Design Hackathon Uganda

When October 5th - 9th

Where Kampala, Uganda

  • Overview
  • Agenda
  • Garage48 is coming to Uganda to carry out a design hackathon in October 2021 to empower the local talents in digital design and prototyping skills and prepare them to enter the technology and startup sector!


    5th - 9th of October, Uganda, Kampala, Innovation Village (Ntinda Complex, Block D, Ground Floor).
    It is an on-site hackathon. COVID-19 safety measures are provided and applied at the hackathon according to current needs and restrictions.



    Design Hackathon is a 5-day workshop to learn the basics of design, user experience, branding, design and prototyping tools.

    During the hackathon the participants will learn:

    - visual design principles

    - user experience (UX) design fundamentals

    - how to listen and observe users

    - use basic design tools

    - branding fundamentals and insights into why people buy brands

    - real-world tips and tricks

    - a clear understanding of the principles and benefits of good user experience (UX) and how to apply it to your design

    - how to work in a team

    - pitching

    The workshop is built around the Garage48 hackathon format with team formation, checkpoints, mentoring sessions and pitching, led by Garage48 design and prototyping experts.


    Design Hackathon in Uganda is a part of the EU:Africa They Journey 2021 edition. It is an African-European online hackathon programme that brings together hot digital heads from both continents and kicks off new businesses that could contribute to the wellbeing and digitalization of both continents.

    Top teams that will come out of the design hackathon will get a straight pass to the EU:Africa They Journey 2021 edition- an online hackathon in December 2021.

    #euafricathejourney 2020 edition brought together over 2000 participants. Two hundred best teams were formed, out of which TOP20 continued in the post-hackathon acceleration programme and received small grants in the total amount of 100 000 euros. This year #euafricathejourney will be just as awesome, so don’t postpone your journey of becoming an entrepreneur and apply now.


    We’re calling all inspired minds aged 18-30 to take the chance to develop their basic digital design and prototyping skills and enter the technology and entrepreneurship field.  


    Register to the design hackathon here: 

    Deadline for registration Sunday, 26th of September. 

    More info for the EU:Africa 2021 online hackathon program:

    The program is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation Fund. The design hackathons are organized in partnership with Garage48 and Innovation Village.

    DAY 1, October 5th

    Introduction / Brainstorming / Why

    10.00 Opening - Meet & Greet

    10.20 Workshop #1

    11.00 Artist vs. Designer / What is a Good Design?

    12.00 Lunch

    13.00 Why do we design?

    13.30 Brainstorming / Workshop #2

    14.20 Trends, Technology & how to build on top of that

    14.35 What next? Hackathon format

    15.00 Day ends

    DAY 2, October 6th

    User and value propositions

    10.00 Pitching ideas & team formulation

    11.00 Hackathon - What is MVP & Value proposition Design

    11.30 Teamwork and mentoring sessions

    12.00 Lunch

    13.00 How to take “You” out of the user / Feedback

    13.20 Teamwork and mentoring sessions continue

    14.00 Checkpoint - show your value propositions

    14.30 Important information & wireframes

    15.00 Day ends

    DAY 3, October 7th

    Product & tools

    10.00 Homework & analyzing

    11.00 Pitching & presentations

    12.00 Lunch

    13.00 Tools for prototyping

    14.00 Teamwork and mentoring sessions continue

    15.00 Day ends

    DAY 4, October 8th

    Branding and UI

    10.00 Checkpoint

    11.00 Design principles

    11.20 Teamwork and mentoring sessions

    12.00 Lunch

    13:00 Understand the true idea of branding and why people buy brands

    13.20 Teamwork and mentoring sessions continue

    14.00 Checkpoint

    14.30 Teamwork and mentoring sessions continue

    15.00 Day ends

    DAY 5, October 9th

    Final day

    10.00 Checkpoint

    11.00 Teamwork continues

    12.00 Lunch

    13.00 Final presentations

    15.00 Wrapping up

    The Mentors 

    Jaanus Jagomägi
    UI / UX Designer at Vaim
    Jaanus Sakkis
    Creative Director and Founder at Feks Design
    Kadri Tiisvelt
    COO ∣ Member of the Board at Garage48
    Carina Juilfs
    Social Business Consultant // Founder @moho
    Margaret Nanyombi
    SUPper Generation 18 at Start-Up Chile
    Kabali Saul
    Data Management and Research Officer at Response Innovation Labs
    Kennedy Abitekaniza
    Managing Partner at Viisi Consult
    Twesigye Thomas
    Projects Manager & Show Host at DMLive TV


    Kadi Aguraijuja
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Samantha Niyonsaba
    Future Lab Lead at The Innovation Village
    Samantha Namara
    Senior Associate-Future Lab at the Innovation Village