Base Camp Spring 2020


When 6-8 March, 2020

Where Tallinn, Estonia

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  • DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Garage48 and Superangel proudly present: Base Camp Hackathon vol 4.

    Base Camp is an exclusive hackathon format, designed for young startups that already have a working prototype and who would like to join the 12-month high altitude training. In other words, this hackathon offers access to an all-inclusive golden package that is needed at the very early stage of a startup lifecycle. By participating, you will be taking your first steps in the Superangel Alpine House journey.

    Base Camp concept is created as a result of the need in the market, where many successful startups kept failing due to the lack of extra boost that is needed to turn an initial business idea into a potential multimillion-euro company. Ever since it was founded, Garage48 has been helping to create teams, develop ideas and turn them into prototypes in mere 48 hours. Some of the startups born from our hackathons became a huge success and raised several rounds of venture capital, some were acquired by major companies and many are successfully still operating today. But we are aware that with some more boost, we could see more unicorns rising. That is why Garage48 and Superangel have joined forces once again to give an exclusive nudge to young startups.


    Alpine House is a 12+ month location-independent coaching program designed to take your startup to the next financing round or next major milestone. Alpine House selects up to 5 startups at a time who each receive a personal attention from a Superangel partner, who takes active co-founder role for the entire program.

    During the year, Superangel builds a tailored growth program around your team including in depth marketing and sales coaches, personal HR specialist to help with hiring and onboarding and a Superangel partner or a top startup founder to make sure you raise the next round or reach the next major milestone. Everything you need to build a global successful startup.

    We are inviting up to 10 teams to Base Camp - a 3-day hackathon that will take place from 6th to 8th of March 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia to develop your prototypes or products even further. This is your chance to show the Superangel team that you have what it takes to become the next unicorn!

    We are also inviting talented individuals - developers, designers, bright business, sales and marketing minds who will be able to join if the selected teams lack some brain-power. Just for the weekend, or who knows - for the rest of your life.


    TO PARTICIPATE AS A TEAM, you need to apply for Superangel Alpine House and if selected, you are automatically invited to take part in the Base Camp Hackathon. Deadline for team applications is the 20th of February 2020.

    Apply here:

    TO PARTICIPATE AS AN INDIVIDUAL, you need to fill in an application form - just like with any other Garage48 events. Base Camp is ideal if you have already participated in several Garage48 hackathons as a designer, developer or business wizard, have a drive to make things happen and are looking for new experiences and challenges. Deadline for individual applications is the 20th of February 2020.

    Apply here: 

    Joao Rei - your host for Base Camp! Joao is an experienced Garage48 mentor and host who has deep interest and knowledge in technology and entrepreneurship, but you can also catch him expressing views on politics, music, and marketing.

    Priit Salumaa - Priit is a well-known multi-talent in Estonia and beyond its borders - he has started up multiple businesses, including product development company Mooncascade, Latitude59 and Garage48 itself! He likes initiatives that have a bigger impact, which satisfy curiosity and challenge the creativity of a team-leading initiative. He sure is an idea generator and a problem solver. 

    Romet Tagobert - our strong and capable tech mentor whose client list include Snackable, Voog and Upsteam. In his own words, he can help you make the most out of your limited development time, assisting with critical tech decisions to make sure your product is ready for the final pitch. 

    Jaanus Jagomägi - a talented and valued design mentor in Garage48. Jaanus is an UI/ UX designer with an extensive list of clients and work experience. Check this out: 

    Andres Märtin - Andres has been interested in technology since his dad built a PC at their home from scratch during the USSR times. He is also interested in entrepreneurship and investing. For the past 15+ years has worked in sales and sales management. He likes applying his experience to startups. He is your productivity guy and your sales guy.

    Markus Lember - Markus is a co-founder and CEO of Montonio Finance, a fintech startup providing point of sales financing for merchants. Markus will be joining us for office hours where he’ll give you tips and tricks about raising money as a young startup.

    Mari Joller - Mari is the founder and CEO at Snackable AI, building a new content discovery engine for the voice-first world. For the past 5 years, Mari has been in the trenches driving AI-based startups, observing firsthand the psychology of how people interact with machines and its impact on designing AI-powered products. Mari is known for her ability to assess market insights and translate them into product vision and development.

    Tiit Liivik - Tiit is a founding engineer at Starship Technologies. He will be there to help you if you have any questions about conceptual design, research and development, and procurement.

    Lauri Kinkar - Lauri Kinkar is the co-founder and CEO of Messente - a global messaging platform used in over a million small business transactions every day from Singapore to Peru. Together with his co-founders and his awesome small team, Lauri has been bootstrapping since day one and built the company without ever raising any outside capital.

    Jaan Hendrik Murumets - Jaan Hendrik is the CEO of Krakul OÜ, tech enthusiast and Council Member at the Estonian Electronics Industry Association. Over the last five years, he has been a part of developing and building an embedded systems design company. His expertise lies in embedded systems software design, low-level computer systems consulting and management.

    Jaan Viru - Jaan is an Estonian entrepreneur and developer focusing on aerospace, autonomous and IoT sectors. Currently, Jaan is Chief of Product Development at Biig Technoligies Inc. - a US-based technology company that pioneers the "BiigVault", the smart lockbox for cars to provide remote access to vehicles for a wide array of automotive services. Jaan is also a co-owner in Krakul, Estonian based fast-paced IoT and autonomous system consultancy (UAV, UGV & Robotics).

    Mikko Silventola - Mikko is an early-stage investor in 50+ start-ups. Mikko has a top-notch business instinct and an ability to think outside the box. A genuine interest in new opportunities is a driving force in Mikko's businesses.


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    The Mentors

    Joao Rei
    Garage48 host, business and marketing mentor
    Jaanus Jagomägi
    UI / UX Designer at Vaim
    Romet Tagobert
     Software Engineer
    Rain Rannu
    Managing Partner at Superangel, Founder @ Fortumo
    Veljo Otsason
    Co-founder at Fortumo, Mobi Solutions, Superangel
    Marek Kiisa
    Managing Partner at Superangel
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Kalev Kaarna
    Company Builder at Superangel
    Andres Märtin
    District Sales Manager at Southwestern Advantage
    Priit Salumaa
    Co-Founder of Mooncascade and Garage48
    Markus Lember
    Co-Founder at Montonio Finance
    Mari Joller
    Founder at Snackable AI
    Tiit Liivik
    Founding Engineer at Starship Technologies
    Mikko Silventola
    Early stage Investor
    Jaan Hendrik Murumets
    CEO at Krakul OÜ
    Jaan Viru
    Chief of Product Development at Biig Technologies Inc.
    Lauri Kinkar
    CEO at Messente Communications Ltd.


    Merit Vislapu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Marko Oolo
    Investment Manager at Superangel
    Kalev Kaarna
    Company builder at Superangel