Garage48 Gamification 2016 hackathon event in Odessa Winner innovating dating world with live videos

Garage48 Gamification event last week-end in sunny Odessa is now over. It was the second time Garage48 held an event in beautiful Ukrainian city Odessa - and this time our focus was on gamification and bringing game elements into serious ideas. Alltogether around 70 people gathered to cool Terminal 42 venue on Friday and on Sunday 9 great working projects showcased their results during the final presentations. The event was organised  in cooperation with Terminal 42 and Estonian Development Cooperation Fund, with support of Microsoft Ukraine, Black Sea Summit, Latitude59 and Info Svjaz

Garage48 was welcomed in Odessa by Sergey Petrenko, the CEO & Founder of Terminal 42 who mentioned that it was great to see this year higher level of projects and skills represented in the event from different Ukrainian cities like Kiev, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Tshernomorsk and of course Odessa itself. Ragnar Sass, the co-founder of Garaga48 added: "Gamification scope in the event brought in more planned and thought-through ideas with better potential compared to last year's first Odessa hackathon event."

The hardest decisions of the demo night was as always made by the jury! Huge thanks to our jury members: Ragnar Sass (Garage48, Pipedrive), Kair Käsper (Pipedrive), Jaanus Sakkis (Feks Design), Alexander Khrutsky (Game Gathering), Sergey Snisarenko (Red Beat), Nikolay Fiantsev (111Pix UA), Sergey Petrenko (Terminal 42).

Let's now go to the part you've been all waiting for. Here are the winners crowned at Sunday's finale and all the teams of Garage48 Gamification 2016, Odessa event:

Prize: Latitude59 start-up conference tickets & travel to Estonia
+ Favourite of the Audience Prize


Innovative and engaging dating app. Our goal is to create meaningful dating. Many people are disappointed in TINDER as it gives a fake image of who you are. Our app enables live video to create absolutely real dating. Our app is a platform to promote real and more meaningful relations. The users are allowed to have only 3 connections at the time. That encourages you make serious decisions. We support more meaningful approach to dating 
Team: Niko Porkka - Team Lead, Nadiya Lisovska - Marketer, Alex Bakun - Marketer, Chris Raastad - Dev, Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi - Dev, Andriy Shkinder - Dev, Tarmo Annus - Dev, Pavlo Yonak - Dev

Microsoft Special Prize
Prize: cool Microsoft Band 2 bands
GEEK Informer (
Our project is news aggregator for geeks. We aimed to add gamification to our product. This is a unique platform to read news, listen podcasts, read tweets and watch videos about current tech trends. Users will be rewarded with geek points. New levels will enable more opportunities for users. The best users will be able to get rewards and share them with friends. The top users will be able to get prizes for their activity. The project allows users to follow current tech trends.
Team: Timofey Lavrenyuk - Front End, Back-End Dev, Vladyslav Ulianytskiy - Android Dev, Roman Munika - PM, Maksim Zhulinskyui - Marketing

The Most Hard-working Team
Prize: Black Sea Summit conference tickets
Track Challenge (
We developed an app that will help runners compete with each other on real tracks. The goal is to make the comparison of the running result as accurate as possible so people can precisely decide who is the better runner. Large amount of apps for runners already exist but they do not allow users to compare results on the same track. Every track has a different surface as well as elevation. Bare numbers do not portray real winners.
It also helps to discover running tracks near their current location. The phenomenon called “running tourism” is getting more popular. Travellers run during their trips. It will be extremely effective for the users. We believe our app will have targeted audience that will enjoy competition and challenge.
Team: Taras Mozhar - Back-end Dev, Kirill Markidonov - Android Dev, Konstantin Azizov - Sr Back-end Dev,  Konstantin Tarovik - iOS Dev, PM, Ivan Antipenko - 3D Modelar, Animator

The Most Crazy Project
Prize: Black Sea Summit conference tickets
iSuccessful (
iSuccesful is mobile to do-list app connected to vibration device that helps women stay motivated while doing everyday tasks. It turns planning and completing tasks into a game where the reward is sexual stimulation.
How was the idea born? – After meditation creators of the idea got the insight. The universe gave them the answer! Sex is always a hot trend! We were thinking of combining technology and sex.  It is scientifically proven that sex impacts female productivity.
We’ve brought gamification into the normal to do-list application and by adding sexual reward we came up with brand new approach of getting things done! The idea is not about perversion. The idea is to fill women with sexual energy and as a result bring them happiness, good mood and release stress.
Team: Yevgeniy Orlovskiy - CEO and visionary, Max Gerasichev - Marketing, Andrew Bondarenko - web-developer, Aleksey Kozachenko - Product design, Aleksander Tsebrii- iOS developer, Alyona Kovalenko - Sexologist, KatrineKalyeyeva- UI/UX designer

Terminal 42 Special Prize
Go Green
It's a platform to connect like-minded people who want to make the city cleaner. Our community-based initiative brings together people who care about their city. Users can mark littered locations on the map and organize the clean up mission and transform the space into a green zone. Active users will be awarded with special badges, depending on their activity levels. Odessa is a pilot city with an idea to expand.
The users mark places that need to be cleaned, create an event, find littered location and notify if they need special equipment. Rewards- depending on your activity levels you will get the special badges. You will be given funny ranks- like you can become Darth Cleaner, speedy Gonsalez ,trash terminator,etc.
Team:  Ihor Kalashnikov - Team Lead, Rostyslav Stekh - Dev, Oleksiy Bernaz - Web Design, Svetlana Nekipelova - Marketer, Oleg Nekipelov - Marketer, Dmitriy Lavrov - Gamification Guru, Nastya&Karin  - Scrum Masters

Game Gathering Special Prize
True or False Picks
Are you smart enough to answer True or False Picks? Our aim is to educate and to entertain. We created a very successful game True or False (2millions + downloads, Top10 overall in 12 countries,
Now we are making more amazing and sophisticated game called True or False Picks. The idea is very simple. User has to guess whether the statement about a picture is true or false. It is similar to the first game but with many brand new features: Pictures, Multiplayer, Localized to many languages. Special categories: movies, cars, celebrities, football players etc. Many many exciting levels. Apple watch support
Team: Dmitry Sigov - Team Lead, Andrey Sklyaichenko - Back-end Dev, Andrey Zborowskiy - iOS Dev, Alyona Boyeva - Designer, Andrey Labunsky - PM

Familification team 
Tired of home duties? Our main aim is to simplify home duties. Innovative way to play everyday routines! Existence of in app currency helps create environment of competition and game. The app not only simplifies house cleaning but makes it real fun! Every family creates different currency to evaluate their home duties.Flexible and smart work plan. House work can be rewarding! The app enables equality in dividing house duties between family members. Every assignment costs coins. For instance, after washing dishes, you  would get special rewards-coins.
Team: Mихаил Hиценко - iOS dev, Иван Hекипелов - Back-end Dev, Aлександр Xохлов - Front-end & iOS Dev, Богдан Cвирипа - Full stack (back-end & front-end), Ярослав Гандзюр - Back-end Dev, Дмитрий Басан - Marketer, Яна Kоссова - Designer, Cергей Mатвиенко - Back-end Dev

Tired of boring self-education? Online courses lack motivation? Would like to see visual representation of your success? Please, welcome - Hacktus! Our intent is to create online service to collect your achievements through completing online courses. All courses are on your profile will help you to track your own way through educational programs easily. The system also grants you reward of your choice for unlocking achievements and participation in unique community. Our key objective will drive you forward.
Team: Darina Korotkih - PM, Mike Bohdan - Python SE, Anton Pelykh - Back-end Dev, Sergii Darienko - Marketer

Main aim is the digital motivation service to involve employees into producing innovations, training and development, improved collaboration and fostering creativity. The goal is to engage employees into work. You can create game that will help you to put attention of your employees into key areas of your business.
63 % of global workers are not engaged in their workplace. They are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive. We want to change this by using best gamification practices (tournaments, scores, achievements) in daily working routines. Gamification is a great tool to involve employees into soft skill development like time-management, negotiation skills, leadership, creativity etc. It is a SaaS application. The plan is to reach our first 100 users by connecting directly to HRs, team leaders, business owners.
Team: Den Popov - PM, Sergey Maksimenko - Marketer, Alexandr Butenko - Back-End Dev, Ivan Soroka - Front-End Dev

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