Big, brave & brilliant ideas from the Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning hackathon!

On the evening of the 25th of March Microsoft Kyiv’s Office was packed with brilliant people from Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland and even from Australia. Some of them having their first Garage48 experience and one person, Tarmo Annus,  celebrating his 15th participation in our events. They all are like reactants in a beaker forming inventive ideas altogether. Aiming projects which connect electronic devices to our lives and are smart enough to teach themselves. For the sake of democracy, we had solutions from other fields as well. While the teams are working away, you can read a description of all the ideas presented on the first evening of the Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning event. Submitted teams are marked in bold.

1. Fractal

Users without programming skills can use a visual environment to connect things.

2. Intelligent Light Controller

Saves energy at home by counting people in the room and switching lights according to their presence.

3. OpenHope

Finds open opportunities in clinical trials, providing a opportunity to become a Guinea pig.

4. HappyBox

Grow any plant at home without any knowledge about horticulture. Open market niche on marijuana development.

5. PorNeiro

Bringing VR to pornography via AI and IoT. Product would have stimulative sensor/actuator modules attached to your head and other body parts, bringing  vibrations.

6. Scrolly 

Poster sized e-paper device for information exchange. Google Now for your walls.

7. Lagrange Inversion

Robots will overtake your small warehouses. Machines learn. South Asia first.

8. Health’s Coffee 

Automatic barista who knows you and what you like. Serves excellent coffee.

9. Flush Minder

Intelligent water measurer, tracker.

10. Megabot

Platform for making chat bots without coding. Everybody can create their own chat bot in a few minutes!

11. BioSens 

Detect toxins, bacteria, etc. in agricultural products. Attaches to the smartphone and uses camera to detect different substances and life-forms.

12. O!nance

Automatic analysis of your bank account statements to figure out where does your money go.

13. SmartLight 

Measure lighting conditions in big events. Make the lighting map for the area to know where the lighting is bad.

14. CatCastle

Your personal key keeper. Open doors with your phone and our mighty app.

15. Intelligent Building

Monitoring systems for apartment buildings and services to fix the found problems.

16. WattCMS

Control cooling and energy consumption in food processing industry to save money.

17. IPTS

Descriptive and predictive analysis of public transport systems.

Show your support and see the final demos on Sunday, 27th March at 5.30pm GMT+2 here.

A shout out goes to all our sponsors and partners for making this awesome weekend happen!

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