Meet the teams of the 1st ever VR/AR Garage48 hackathon in the summery Odessa!

Garage48 loves Ukraine so much that we decided to organise our very first Virtual & Augmented Reality hackathon in the lovely Odessa! We opened our doors on June 16 to 70 people excited to show what crazy things they can do in the 48 hours!

Altogether we had 19 brave people pitching their ideas to the mentors and 10 best ideas will continue to develop their product and prepare for the hardcore Final event on Sunday, June 18 at 5:30PM!

Here are all of the ideas who made the cut: 


Introducing 2 white stripes to take a video with 3D effect  

2.CG in VR

Mash editor for artists. 


Educational doll and app for children that parents can control with their iPad.


Platform for playing a demo scene of popular games or the most esciting moments.

5.Juicy Reality

Realistic mobile VR for adult entertainment 

6.VR Ideas

WebVR tool for creating, editing and sharing your task maps 

7.Paper AR

Recognizing hand written information 

8.No man's island

VR game on HTC Vive

9.Virtual laboratory

Educational app for school (Chemistry, Physics or any educational purpose)

10.Ascend VR

VR for rock climbing


A shoutout goes out to all the other pitchers, who didn’t make the cut, but still were amazing with their pitches!


Solar termopot

Campfire VR

Friendly nation

Virtual landscapes for massage chairs


360 Chair plugin

VP app for training pitches

B2B soloution for dating companies which will be intergrated to existing platforms.


Ps! Stay tuned & follow Garage48 social media channels to see how teams will survive over the weekend!

Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook & don’t forget the LIVE STREAM of Sunday's FINAL at 5:30 pm GMT +3.
The link will go up on Garage48 FB page!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners who are helping us make the magic happen!

This event is organised by Garage48 with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Estonian Development Cooperation

48 hours to make THIS happen?

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