The Winners of Garage48 Odessa 2015!

This Friday over 50 people with different skillsets gathered at the fabulous Terminal42! They didn't just join to hack, the mission was to create a world changing product.. and we think they did just that! 19 ideas were pitched and eventually 9 teams were on a mission to build something fantastic. The Garage48 Odessa event was organized by Garage48 Foundation and Terminal42 in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The event was special for two reasons: First time in Garage48 history a team, that had changed their idea on Saturday morning, managed to pull it off an be one of the three most successful teams of the event. The second reason is that the overall winner had one of the top three best presentations in Garage48 history. 

Winners & Teams


Prize: SHIELD tablet, 2 x 2 h mentoring (by Grigory Bakunov from Yandex & Sergey Petrenko from
Terminal 42, 2 months of membership in Terminal42


A personal reader for car drivers. This mobile app reads to you the top news from the selected channels and your twitter friends feed.

Team: Igor Kalashnikov - mobile developer, Eugene Nagorny - developer, Vyacheslav Goldenshteyn - developer, Ekaterina Maltseva - designer, Karina Lapina - visionary and product management.


Prize: 2 x 2 h mentoring (by Grigory Bakunov from Yandex & Sergey Petrenko from 
Terminal 42, 2 months of membership in Terminal42


Professional success is tied with building quality relationships. Whether you're looking for a new job, professional advice, a business partner, or consulting meeting Matchup helps you find the best person for that.  Use this app as a casual way to meet interesting people and grow your professional network. 

Team: Max Ostryzhko - developer,  Rodion Rozhkovsky - developer, Dmitry Postolenko - developer, Mihail Panchenko - developer, Maxim Kukurudziak - designer, Gusinskiy Yuriy - designer, Alexandr Bilchenko - designer, Asia Kolisnichenko - visionary.


Prize: 2 x 2 h mentoring (by Grigory Bakunov from Yandex & Sergey Petrenko from 
Terminal 42


SDK is for developers to compress images for the clients on different resolutions.

Team: Eugene Shevchuk - backend developer, Dmitry Osipa - mobile developer, Alex Olgashko - backend developer, Daniil Kutsyna - designer.

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