Garage48 Youth Empowered Bootcamp Tbilisi 2020

When 19-21 February, 2020

Where Fabrika Tbilisi

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  • Are you ready to take the next steps in order to launch your idea into startup space?

    Garage48 is back in Georgia for the Youth Empowered Bootcamp to give the most promising teams from the Youth Empowered Hackathon the tips and tricks to finish their MVP and get ready to pitch for investors.

    The Youth Empowered Bootcamp is a 3-day intense startup course where you can learn about:

    • customer validation,

    • building a landing page,

    • marketing, 

    • business models,

    • pitching to get traction for your idea.

    Your days are going to be filled with intensive teamwork, customer calls, mentoring rounds and hands-on lectures. At the end of the Bootcamp you have validated your business idea with real customers and finished the MVP (minimum viable product) and you’re ready to pitch for investors.

    The Youth Empowered Bootcamp is a follow-up event in the Youth Empowered series Garage48 is conducting in Georgia during the 2019/2020 period. Our goal is to help the teams make it to the “real” entrepreneurship and teach them that programs like this are small winning posts that help to conquer the marathon.

    Garage48 Youth Empowered Bootcamp Tbilisi 2020 is organized with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

    Wednesday, 19th of February 
    15:30 Registration, light snacks, and coffee 
    16:00 Intro. How things will work. Icebreaker. Setting clear goals for the bootcamp.
    Talk: Value proposition - what is the core value you offer for your customers
    Task: Work in teams. Fill in service core canvas.
    17:00 Talk: Why start from a landing page. Tools for creating a landing page.
    17:30 - 19:00 Work in teams: Starting to work on the landing page: drawing wireframes.
    19:00 Pizza and chill 

    Thursday, 20th of February 
    10:30 Light breakfast, and coffee
    11:00 Morning checkpoint
    11:30 Talk: Validating assumptions with potential clients. How to lead a customer feedback call. What to analyze.
    Talk: Social media marketing. How to distribute your message.
    13:00 Lunch 
    14:00 Task: minimum of 15 calls with potential customers. Work in teams.
    18:00 - 19:00 Evening checkpoint 

    Friday, 21st of February 
    10:30 Light breakfast, and coffee
    11:00 Morning checkpoint
    11:30 Talk: How to put together a pitch. Fill in the pitch canvas. Task: Final touches on the landing page. Work in teams.
    13:00 Lunch 
     14:00 Pitch practice 
    15:30 - 17:00 Final pitches/showcase

    PS! There might be slight changes to the agenda. 
    - In cooperation with Startup Wise Guys, we are selecting up to 2 teams who will get a chance to join the SWG Online Pre-Accelerator. Online Pre-Accelerator is the perfect training ground for early-stage startup founders to put their business in order and prepare for a full-time accelerator or the first investment round. More info:

    - Estonian startup Voog will give each time a voucher to use their services for free for 6 months. Voog is the best CMS for building and managing exceptional websites and online stores. More info:

    - Tickets to sTARTUp Day 2021. The biggest business festival in Estonia is bringing together over 4000 startup-minded people to celebrate entrepreneurship in the smart city of Tartu. More info:

    The Mentors 

    Kai Isand
    Pitch Coach and Host at Garage48; CEO @ Eventornado
    Jaan Kruusma
    Marketing Consultant at 7Blaze Social
    Kristofer Turmen
    Co-Founder, CTO at Montonio Finance
    Tim Vaino
    Community Manager at VNTRS / Fundraising and Partnerships at Latitude59
    Toomas Tartes
    Freelance UI/UX Designer


    Merit Vislapu
    Project Manager at Garage48
    Elene Jvania
    Co-founder and Director at Impact Hub Tbilisi
    Ketevan Ebanoidze
    Co-Founder at Impact Hub Tbilisi
    Kai Isand
    Host, mentor and pitch coach at Garage48 

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